What Exactly is SOPA/PIPA?

Internet helps grow business worldwide.

What exactly is a SOPA/PIPA? Well, it is a legislation that if passed restricts how we use the internet today. SOPA is Stop Online Piracy Act and the other, Protect IP Act.
Corporate supporters of Senate 968 (PIPA) and HR 3261 (SOPA) demand the ability to take down any web site (including craigslist, Wikipedia, or Google) that hurts their profits — without prior judicial oversight or due process  — in the name of combating online piracy.

At a time when our economy needs more job creation and dialogue with business communications; in comes more legislation adding to the many others as of late affecting the small business sector. There are many reasons not to allow any kind of interference with the internet which is one of the very few sectors still able to grow the dwindling economy due to the many years of non-stop business outsourcing. Twitter here has a small short video explaining the possible negative effects that these 2 pieces of legislations may pose on liberties of expression and potential loss to business. Here, Twitpic.com/SOPA/PIPA.

Imagine if no one could have had dialogue in ideas or even sketches about MS-DOS the initial computer operating system? Thanks to many people adding to the conversation to include the young Bill Gates and other techs supporters; they kept building on the existing until they came up with Windows which today we still are able to enjoy. Imagine if they had to be constantly worried about being chased by legislators or bureaucrats that sit on governmental offices worldwide harnessing their power against their drawings, writings or liberty at exchanging information on the existing? Thanks to our free enterprise system Apple computers came along which increased productivity and today many business owners use both windows and Apple since Apple serves really good in some areas and Windows still has its purposes for other projects. If we start taking away the ability to allow some room for tweaking existing ideas then life as we know may stagnate and this has never resulted in a better more efficient society.

It is refreshing to see that not all corporations are supporting these invasive legislations which goes to say that America in general does have corporations that do see the light and try their best to practice true corporate social responsbility and not just via a plaque on the wall. After all, many of these corporations started as small businesses’ and know full well the importance for the small business sector to succeed and innovate. The market benefits when corporations and small businesses’ keep some balance between each other and not allowing just one side to take all advantage or control over the other; since in the end that model could produce a society where only the big fish remain striking on each other with no new entrants to re-establish balance into the market.
Article by Theresa Nielsen-Independent publisher-Graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies at Grand Canyon University.
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