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hand crafted Clothing menThe tailoring profession could be traced as far back as when knights needed perfectly cut finer garments to wear under battle armor and evolved over generations to England and France with new craftmanship methods and one of a kind skills being past on from one generation to the next via apprenticeships and fashion houses well guarded signature work.
“Tailoring is the skill of fitting, cutting, designing and finishing clothes. ” (Tailoring, Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion). It is the eye and fine hand of the tailor that has over the years produced the best in fine mens clothing. A well fitted suit could help make or set apart a unique presentation and has often been part of most successful men’s wardrobe both in American and European history. The term bespoke or custom tailored meant that sections of cloths or fabrics at a tailors shop was “spoken for ” or chosen by a prior customer to be made into a finished garment. Hence came the meaning bespoke tailoring. (Ezinearticle, Kumar Dutta). Ready wear garments fell short for many in that a particular size would not fit the same arm length or varied shoulder width of most men; however did prove good for mass distributing during early years of the westward expansion. Modern day tailored clothing is making a huge comeback and communities benefit by having their very own American made tailored men’s clothing business. Custom garments and handcrafted clothing for men take into account that each individual is unique with its very own personal style for fabrics, design, and fit. Shirts and mens suits to include sport jackets are tailored to fit your body; not just an industry average. Colorado has always been striving and bringing together tradition and innovation. The Bespoke Edge is a family business that brings back a sense of style, tradition and hard work ethic in modern tailoring by bringing the talent right to your home or place of business where again the eye and skillful hand of the tailor begin the finished one of a kind custom clothing transformation. Click here to schedule consultation, Bespoke Edge Appointments

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