Sunday Market Shares Spotlight with Tejon Street Bike Fest

The greatest part of summer is the ability to enjoy local events outdoors and rejoice with others in the many activities available during the season while also sampling local food and other staples. Weekends are the perfect time to go out since it allows many the leisure to visit local parks, enjoy local ice-cream parlors, casually attend fun events or just go out for a nice walk. Local papers, television stations and often radio, provide information of the many activities taking place so as to plan ahead on a schedule or calendar.
It is refreshing to see couples holding hands while walking at the park, families taking their children out for a stroll and the youth riding their bicycles while others choose to attend the theater. A very rewarding and educational event for children or families, for example, is the downtown Sunday Market where they get to see local growers and vendors offering their delicious food, produce and unique products. The Market season started June 14 and runs until October 11, 2015 at Acacia Park downtown on Sundays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. This particular event is sponsored by Hunt and Gather of The Pikes Peak Community Foundation Program. Their Facebook page, click here, gives out information about many of their community activities or happenings. Sunday is a perfect day to go downtown and enjoy the city. The Market just gives an extra reason to commit on making the adventurous trip. No one knows what other great activities could be discovered.

This past Sunday for example, The Tejon Street Bike Fest was also taking place and an event that according to Jim Wear, the spokesperson, is the largest, one day motorcycle event in the State of Colorado. Most of the visitors that attend he said, come from outside of El Paso County, rejoicing with our biker friendly city. Also, that most of the fund-raising or proceeds from the event go to the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and the American Cancer Society. Several streets were closed off and bikers had a chance to ride, display their custom powerful bikes and share with attendees in local activities. The rain came and left in the afternoon, with the sun coming up again and the event lasting until 6:00 pm. Colorado bikers and the many visitors from out of State come from all walks of life and have made unique contributions to the world of riding, leisure and urban legends.

The word “brand” received more equity from the biker community and now grows American products. Many professionals have joined in on the fun for find it very relaxing to ride after long work weeks. Other groups take joy in just owning a great bike. Women definitely have been part of the history and conversation. In conclusion, this was an unforgettable weekend for many while at the Sunday Market and its sharing the spotlight with the Tejon Street Bike Fest of El Paso County. Life is crazy good.