Small Business: Has it Failed America?

Mary Baker book and training for Citizen action in the community Small business is known to be the engine that fuels the economy and job creation in America. However, is small business today failing to strategize and sharpen the saw to keep up with inimical market changes and trends occurring incrementally year after year? Are we failing to protect and guard our wellness, interests and those of our communities in which we live and work? Corporations are known to continually come up with ways to maximize their shareholders interests and wealth even if at times giving human life the value of one dollar. Really? The answer is yes, case in point when chemicals were dumped near a neighborhood in the South many moons ago by a major corporation too big to fail or too big to pay a few more dollars per year for an effective cleanup method. Another case of blatant disregard occurred in Anniston Alabama. Now today matters are not turning out much different when we have big wigs caught extending war to prolong profits, corporations testing live energy weapons, the creation of quantum computers such as D-wave that they hope will bring forth products from other dimensions, yes as crazy as that sounds, (think about how small business will have to cope with that one as far as market displacements) and the placing of frequencies that harm incrementally human biology to include terraforming of the planet by releasing chemical vapors into the air by planes. Oh yes, with the illogic that more chemical mixes of aluminum, strontium and other particulates in the air will relieve the climate change that they themselves have created via weaponry and dumping into rivers. The hubris and arrogance is so great by some of these characters that they publicly said (Elon Musk) that their quantum machines, robotics and computers to be ran by artificial plus intelligence will reduce us biological human beings into being like our current house pets. These transformation changes are not in the distant future since occurring incrementally in our society today. Now we get the idea of why so many politicians pretending ignorance (many voting in favor of various control methods for food, energy, property etc.) are truly saying when they use the word transformation so many times in their speeches. This is truly a transfer of all assets and wealth in the hands of the few as in a new world of old oligarchs.

Vapors in the air and sky How could this have occurred so successfully under the public radar? Well, education has been changed to their favor by electronically educating our children with materials that parents cannot see or be a part of for most not printed in bring home textbooks but quietly delivered via electronic re-educational materials. An educated population will not tolerate total full spectrum dominance of even their souls by the few, so controlling education and keeping the masses less educated and bombarded with agenda driven material of the transformations to our existing society works just great for these powerful interests. So, what have we allowed today without any scrutiny will affect our future and that of our children. One would not wish to exaggerate; however these changes could very well take us into extinction like the scenarios occurring in the Caribbean as we speak with full cultures and island countries being wiped-out. The devastation in Puerto Rico is just a small sample of what could yet happen here that may bring total devastation and with no way for us to come out of it for we are allowing incrementally for everything to be ran by the centralized powerful few with their super-expensive machinations and grandiose plans for full spectrum dominance of all trade, education, means of production, transportation and in the company of their hyper-vigilance controlled devices. Everything will be under the centralized top tier control with dominance in everything we do, consume, see and hear. If small business and locals do not have the chance to sit at the negotiation table with these characters then we may all be what is for dinner. (Citizen Ninjas, (2017) training).

Note: In years Past the chamber of commerce made available political action plans booklets for small business to train and keep up with laws or congressional bills that could affect them. Booklets went out of publication since 1958. Image of the booklets below.
Political action booklets and training for small business by chamber of commerce years ago.

So, What are the takeaways? If small business wishes to just roll over and remain ignorant over inexplicable events taking place on a daily basis; then we may very well become extinct. As known in the business world, a product or method can became obsolete- cannibalized or vaporized away by another and in this case planned by very skillful deceivers. (Current plans are for everything robotic and or trans-human directed by a super Artificial Intelligence Computer). Deception has occurred before during our country’s inception. A lot of lies were written on the books and changes to our rule of law, history and independence documents mostly post the war from the Brits and the civil war. Americans have been quite tolerant until now. Censorship is taking place at a large scale with no real discourse due to the buyout of most media outlets that today is mostly owned by centralized special interests. And, now today they have stepped up the game with technological advances with not just the potential of taking away wealth, assets and land but also what it is to be a human being and one that has the chance at a beautiful soul and free-will to accept or reject pure evil. Remember, your silence implies consent. So go out and act now before its too late and humanity as we know it becomes extinct. After all we are supposed to be great leaders in product and or services that are in line with the real needs of the public. We must remain good stewards of the society and communities in which we live, work and serve without back door agendas or control plans as by these inimical centralizers that wish for humanity’s enslavement. Yes, currently small business is failing America, so please do something about it before it’s too late. Take action and become a citizen ninja as the Mary Baker suggests and educates while we still have some time.

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