Private Property Rights in Jeopardy: El Paso County and Beyond

Years ago thieves, robbers and corrupt to the core opportunists had to wear masks and or just directly say, “This is a hold up”.  Today, however; their methods are far more sophisticated and slick since those being victimized, abused and robbed of everything to include perhaps their very souls are not aware of it. The general citizenry and business community may be even aiding the thieves and deceitful characters with the crimes against them and humanity in general. How is this possible? It became not only possible but easier due to our overly trusting nature,  busy family life,  and centralization of  bought out media that lies constantly to keep those dysfunctional powers at the top; no matter how toxic or crazy their plans are  for our society. Ninety eight percent of those running for public office today are doing so for pure profit, hidden agendas and short term payoffs. Instead of wearing an obvious mask; all the corrupt need is to run for public office to get anyone willing to pay the big bucks to pass via legislation or ballot issues deceitful and agenda driven laws as favors while on their term in public office.

City Charter document Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Charter of the city of Colorado Springs

Right under our noses today our land and private property etc.;  is in jeopardy for being deceitfully planned to be taken from us under the so called Agenda 21, now renamed agenda 2030, sustainable development, urban renewal and or just under a self-created insider group of non-elected officials calling themselves, Colorado Springs Forward. Backwards into bondage or servitude as slaves to others is more of the reality and the word moving forward is a word favored by trans-humanists (robotic interests). These land negotiations (like a Pandora box) done covertly in many counties under the guise of land deals by bureaucratic officials without public consent, the re-writing of city charters, creating loop-holes with new legal language, deceitful and well versed that confuses the public (who can forget the extra term some officials got themselves when making a ballot issue sound one way but that in reality gave them more payoffs? It happened.) Public office is a position to be held in trust to assist the public while getting a salary not to be used for backdoor deals and or creating a new government within a government in order to subvert the State and US Constitution to include our city and county form of government. (Treason and misconduct of public office) This is corruption at its lowest and will create a ripple effect spreading corruption like a plague. The number one way of facilitating the transfer of land for global government or transfer to the United Nations is by the re-writing of city charters and or circumventing the laws by city officials that will be given themselves super powers that they do not have. If they can negotiate land deals with Broadmoor et al, (by the way a place that does not give good jobs to locals but has a high turn- over rate) then these same officials while we work 24/7 will have the ability to later under any wacky pretense negotiate on your so called behalf with other interests your Private Property.

Business climate and the transfromation of Americas business sector
The Transformation of America

Several books on the subject have been written and many warnings given; however the public still does not get it. The business community has failed to take on the leadership necessary to combat such abuses of power and potential loss of liberties. Private property and business ownership is at the cornerstone of our foundation and free enterprise system. What can business do to study these issues and strategize for the changes that are being implemented in the making of our society more collectivist and perhaps even down the road totalitarian in nature? Algorithms’ by super computers will affect the real buying and selling. The market needs real value being traded of products and services. An oppressive corrupt form of government will take a toll on entrepreneurs and affect business.


What can a business do to prepare?

  1. Study Agenda 21
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis to research possible opportunities or threats
  3. Conduct a PEST Analysis
  4. Triple your business security
  5. Log- all business and personal calls
  6. Attend diligently Utility board meetings and City Council Meetings
  7. Keep an eye in the changes to your profits
  8. Move your business if needed
  9. Develop strategies and form business clubs and network
  10. Take time for self-care and spirituality. Read scripture and pray. We are a Christian business and trust in our creator and the beauty of creation
  11. Watch for legislations and laws that threaten business ownership- For example, control of internet being under United Nations oversight (how will our markets do or be affected if moving in a collectivist direction and what other variables could affect our ability to keep our independent businesses if we fail to strategize:

Future legislation, international legislation, regulatory bodies and processes, governmental policies, government change or changes, trading policies (TPP), wars and conflicts, and international pressure groups such as iclei or environmental groups with hidden agendas.  




Agenda 21 language in the Colorado Springs Forward Organization