Penrose Library: Grand Reopening Celebration

Penrose Library Colorado Springs Grand Reopening Celebration

Penrose library celebrated a Grand Reopening November 7, 2015 with many new learning programs and specialty areas for patrons to enjoy. The event included music, food, games, prices, Tai chi Class and much more. What is so refreshing and pleasing to the see was the great attendance that included people from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds, and age groups. One could certainly rejoice in feeling a sense of hope and optimism for a better future; when we could see people naturally reading at the different areas and becoming engaged in learning. Equally joyful was to see that plenty of reading was taking place not just from actual hard copy books but also from laptop devices. Public libraries today have many new online learning tools and programs.

In spite of general media stories often bringing less than perfect news, this event proved that to this day; the citizenry has a natural passion for learning, self-improvement and engage when needed to forge their future.

At the entrance participants that attended were given a flyer that had all the new areas that one could cross out and return later for a price drawing. It was actually a lot of fun and kind of like a mystery area map hunt. The areas were marked in blue and included the following:
• Teen center
• Friends of the library
• Special collections
• Programs
• Business and Nonprofit
• Community Art
• Children’s
• Technology Tools

An area that seemed extremely unique was the teen center that has a special writing wall that is blue colored and in which teens can write whatever creativity comes to mind. This proves very useful when teens are trouble shooting a plan, attempting to solve a long math problem or strategizing homework. Another unique area is the children’s section with a traditional indoor, and an outdoor play area that gets natural light and sunshine. Not too far on the list for uniqueness is the adult literacy and GED section in which anyone in need can place themselves on a career path with the many resources. This allows for new career and job exploration for those that struggled in traditional settings. The community art and program areas also offer many creative projects covering diverse population interests. Libraries sure have evolved and this event turned out to be extremely fun for all attending. Also unique was the music by Mo’ Mungus Rock steady/Reggae that certainly kept everyone in a celebratory mood during their presentation and prior set-up time.

Teen Center Area

Children Indoor/Outdoor Play area

Below is a brief presentation video created for your enjoyment in case some of you missed this memorable event. The video ends with and image of the Spencer Penrose (1865-1939) bronze statue located downtown Colorado Springs and in which whose honor the library derives its name. Who was Spencer Penrose and why name a library after him? Well, like many other unique pioneers from the area, Spencer Penrose arrived in Colorado Springs in 1892 and became one of Colorado’s most prominent business contributors, civic and philanthropic leader. He helped develop Utah’s copper mines and also was best known for building the Broadmoor Hotel and establishing the El Pomar Foundation which is still very active today. It is still carrying out his vision and dreams for Colorado and for Colorado Springs to continually strive to become a better city. Indeed, he would have been extremely proud that the Penrose Library today is still engaging its citizens, many actively participating for a better today and tomorrow. Enjoy!


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