Organizational Culture

Many new large corporations and their franchises are moving into small towns often affecting and displacing the workers from the small business independent sector. It would be polite if many would have some compassion for the lives of those living in these communities as they work to expand and remember that after all it is the people in the public and their workers that will or not maintain their operating success. A large company may have huge funding, fancy marketing materials, prime locations and advertisements but if its organizational culture if predatory, irresponsible, selfish and negative out just for gains; then in the long-run it will fail.

What is organizational culture? The atmosphere in how it mostly acts towards its workers on a daily basis and consequently its public via its reflection. A more formal definition, “…is the system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within an organization and guides the behavior of its members.” (Schermerhorn, 2008, pg. 364). The collective experience of the workers, owners and managers allows for internal and external adaptation that ensures enduring survival issues for remaining successfully in business. The daily goals and working together productively become better aligned when there is reciprocal respect, consideration and a positive organizational culture, one which is not based on fear or uncertainty.
For example, if clients see new workers constantly and dissatisfied confused looking employees thereafter, then it will not in the long term succeed but profit mostly in the short term. Many corporations do tend to focus at their short term view for many sell out their shares to other investors for early more profitable exit not thinking that communities exist in a more committed fixed environment. There has to be some since of responsibility and respect for not just the workers but the public and communities who may suffer when workers get displaced or fail to meet financial obligations due to cut backs or chicanery.

In conclusion, as growing power is harnessed and the economy tends to tank many of these power business players tend to start disregarding workers as if a dime a dozen at a time when they are most vulnerable and almost without failure cut all or most of their benefits. One must keep civility and not lose sight at the rights of the workers and also for respect towards the other members in the community that are normally being served. No one should be subjected to humiliating disregard. There has to be a balance in the market and respect for individuals to include other small business owners. If and when a small business tries to keep a positive relationship with a large corporation by acknowledging them but later gets disregarded in a disturbing manner to include the workers and as a worker then a huge problem does exist. Many corporations as of late are going out of control and doing whatever in the name of pure profits; especially with their powerful market reach funding. It is very important to allow small business to thrive and co-exist among the giants, for it is small business that helps assist local communities in staying vital and thriving. Long after corporations jump ship out of the country; it is the small business sector staying behind that has to pick up the pieces in keeping a town functioning and with hope at finding something to live on.
As of late trends in the displacement of American workers continues. Massage Envy switched ownership and workers at Rockrimmon were asked to sign new paper work without telling them there would be changes to their pay. Few weeks passed since transfer and employees left to try and figure out what would be going on and new workers hired in break room came under the impression they would earn 26 to $30.00 an hour but surprised to see how slowly in volume it was to meet. Many existing employees have financial monthly obligations which they depend on their salaries to meet and now will fail. Two or three workers affected due to changes may not have enough to cover their monthly household rent. Only when they received their pay stubs did they discover that their salary would be different based only when there is a client. Some thought that at least their chances may increase with new Ads etc, but co. also hired totally new workers further dividing their chances at meeting their productivity goal to earn the better hourly rate. Why not a quick formal professional compassionate meeting? How about just speaking to the group while at break room in a positive tone, like hey everything will be fine; please lets show new hired how great we are???. Hmmn. One of the new hired workers just as confused as existing workers declined the new job and some workers accused as being the cause for the new hire exit. A paper trail like an accusation against existing workers for the new hire leaving was started to be formulated by manager while all along this negative non- empathetic highly distant of the workers needs organizational culture which has been there for a long time with skin clinic not being able to take-off productively for new employees end up having to leave. Was this an excuse to just let existing workers go? Did existing workers contributed by discussing the facts or existing circumstances for confused since competing for whatever hours they could end- up with? Is best to walk away from negative environments and this is a most disturbing trend growing across the US and a story that needed to be told.
Dex Online another Corporation leaving workers confused and in this case going out of the country to outsource jobs which people need right here to support their families that if one looks at their other investments to include being part of Defense contractor Carlyle Group, LLC one would clearly see that money could not be the excuse but just bottom line nickel and diming profit. Enough said, hopefully individuals open their eyes to what is happening to America’s workers.
Schermerhorn, J., Hunt, J., & Osborn,R. (2008). Organizational Behavior tenth edition. Jefferson City: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.