Local City Government Incrementally for Sale to Global Entities?

Local Colorado Government
Local Colorado Government
Is city government to include employment access and assets incrementally being sold to foreign entities to pave an easier way towards total globalism and later a future centralized form of government? What are the risks towards the local citizens when these global entities look after their own bottom line and not to the well being of the community at large? Their lack of loyalty and poor performance records are already quite evident all across the world and surprisingly written daily in their own well managed media. Profit is always the top concern for most if not all of the biggest corporations have poor performance records towards the concerns of others. Today, it is alarming to see that many are also buying out incrementally areas of local city government; the last form of defense for local citizens to protect themselves. A case in point was the recent special vote by the President (top tier leadership in government) in favor of Monsanto that no one could sue them even if people drop on the ground from damaged livers or whatever else. That my friends is not government but a growing fascist society not at all founded by our existing form of government, a Constitutional Republic. This is just plain abuse towards the citizenry.

City for Sale Major abuses and lack of oversight is occurring all over the world. Just look at the created calamities that will be transferring most assets such as land (for Agenda 21), food supply (control of what grows or gets sold) and power (i.e. government seats being bought by special interests with hands in the till).Today on the radio waves we learn that some of our city workers will be outsourced. This is either a bad joke or an insult to the public for never mind production being outsourced but now we even outsource city employees? The public needs to pay attention for many of these very same global entities are the very same ones responsible for causing many disruptions in European countries and their economies.
This is America and we must stand up for our liberties and rights to protect ourselves from harm. City government is supposed to be representative of the people and protect the interests of the local public not that of the global auction block. What is happening across the world economically is plain lawlessness and after Europe has been basically collapsed from within by poor policies; now they wish to bring the same recipe for disaster and nonsense to our country. I had to call mayor Back’s office early this morning for this has to be discussed and documented for there are many areas of blatant disregard in the US economy. Our dollar and economy could collapse under existing bad policies. The theory out there is that perhaps deliberately to make way for the new so call deal carbon credits (wireless meters a step) as a form of exchange making way for Technocracy which in Italy and Greece has already been implemented with appointed Technocrats. Click here, Technocrat Appointed Officials. Sounds nuts? well it is and we are a Constitutional Republic which is being slowly charmed to change under stealth and machinations to take away our existing representative of the people form of government. Since April of 2010 the US can no longer elect the President of the World Bank due to cheating and double entries with the so call in charge global economic participants. Yet, today they wish to take away Tricare Prime making retirees pay and go to standard which many local clinics do not like to use etc. and we have about 22 soldiers committing suicide daily many who may not get their Tricare Prime privileges as they now exist. This is why we must be vigilant and vote out of office those who no longer wish to run for office to serve the people but to serve special interests. Why is the Press Losing the Trust of the American People? Click here, Information by Karen Hudes a US female attorney for 21 years at World Bank.
I see a dark future for us and for America. This is why I had to write this and to document that the new outsourcing could be just one more incremental step in us losing our City government. As business leaders we cannot ignore certain facts or turn a blind eye to what is taking place in our communites and economy. World Bank attorney Karen Hudes testified that she had to come forward since the corruption was growing worse and she foresaw that many people across the world could go hungry, millions could lose their retirements and that even investors finances would be at risk. She suffered some retaliation but reported it for more information click here, Karen Hudes.net Karen also noted that we must decentralize the media for its centralized and real information is not getting to the public placing the world at risk to benefit the personal interests of the few.
Checks & balances in government along with the rule of law with citizens oversight and votes is what keeps our economy and country in balance protected from self declared power hungry Autocrats or their appointed (Technocrats). Our local government, neighborhoods and our country are not for sale.