Leadership Strategies for Year 2017

Gathering of business leaders   One of two top leadership maxims’ is that one could fail no matter how well prepared to win and that being a great leader is often a lonely job. (Wess Roberts PhD., 1989, Leadership Secrets). It is evident that year 2017 may prove to be one of the most challenging, unpredictable and yet exhilarating years for personal and business lifestyles in the history of mankind. No matter how many warnings or attempts to slow or stop an out of control incoming train of changes, the day of arrival may be here, so we best adapt and overcome. New leadership strategies to include business models may need to be developed to include new perspectives for focusing in that the glass is still part full and not totally empty. In spite of our best efforts past and present, circumstances will happen and not reflective that one failed at their missions. Many great leaders temporarily for one reason or another hold off on some projects in order to excel or work at others just as important.

History evolves, people become complacent and some situations that develop may even be of a biblical nature for vastly written in history since civilization began. We still can stand firm and live our dreams for all that is good in the world and that of man. Great leaders try to bring unity in purpose among independent thinkers.  Most entrepreneurs and business leaders belong or navigate in a world full  of purpose, optimistic visions, and of ideas that pose to make something better. One of the many reasons this urge often leads to creating better products and services to include better ways of living.  The business community can and could continue to work with unified actions in that of coming up with methods for surviving economically and growing in prosperity alongside the unexpected. A great strategy will be for all of us to be extremely patient with each other and compassionate in these times of great upheaval. In spite of business people working independently at their vocations; many come together while dealing with their public by coming up with strategies that will help their businesses, families and communities survive ahead. Subordinates should not follow leaders that fail to improve the quality of their lives. A great leader does not fear sharing success or positive growth with others. A great leader enjoys being around other successful people and never fears sharing the rewards of triumph. A true leader does not cause harm to others, instead charges ahead in forging a more beautiful yet efficient world.

Several Leadership Strategies to review for 2017:

  • Developing Self-confidence
  • Becoming action oriented
  • Having Tenacity/ Stamina (mental and physical)
  • Maintaining Loyalty in difficult times
  • Personal accountability and compassion for others
  • Dependability/ Resilience/Patience
  • Courage/ Decisiveness /Proactive Stewardship
  • Evaluate and align periodically your mission, goals and strategies with other members of your organization while keeping personal ones. It is important to pay attention to real issues that affect the public, clients and plan ahead for any contingencies. A well served public, clients and consumers that are achieving positive non-harmful outcomes is a reflection of our own self-worth and effective leadership style.