In Memory: Rejoicing With Our Creator

It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of my son John on November 20, 2015. I am taking out some time for mourning and settling matters of care. My son knew that when I was not with him I was out there doing our creators calling in trying to grow our economy, small business, hoping to grow jobs and plant the seed of prosperity for our existing and future offspring. I hope everyone understands the great sacrifice that many of us writers, researchers and society concerned leaders make when we are out there on foot or via media taking time away from our loved ones in trying for us to maintain and achieve a better world for us all. Its a time of sorrow with the joy of knowing that John influenced so many others with his kind heart and gentle soul. He also knew I took time out as a precinct leader to try and bring more clarity to many of the situations that are affecting our daily society and living world. We always visited with each other at our home and communicated frequently by text and phone. We shared a very special bond in that we knew that when not together physically we are spiritually close and not far away. I sure wish John could had seen many of my dreams come true; however he and our creator know well that my intentions and goals have always been noble for always wished the best in everything not just for us as a family but for all people. I sure will miss him daily forever until we are reunited again with the creator of this magnificent Universe. Second picture below he gave me many years ago still displayed for my joy in his pride of me as a mother and caring person for this world. I have been blessed from our creator to have allowed him as my son on this precious earth. The greatest glory is yet to come in our creators new safe and glorious kingdom.