Colorado Springs Farmers Market

Main Town Center Farmer Market Local farmer markets are a way to bring farm fresh products directly to the consumers at competitive prices. Communities benefit since dollars spent get recycled several times within nearby areas thereby boosting the local economy. Today we are operating in a more crowded marketing world and direct marketing of farm products to urban areas is critical to the economic survival of agriculture and for end users continued market reach.  Traditional market methods would often call for about 80 percent of earnings to go towards paying for mass food retailing or distribution; often leaving less than 20 cents of every dollar of production to the small farmer. Today there are several effective ways of reaching consumers more economically for even big supermarkets and popular natural grocers are helping in bringing small farmers products to the public.  Local farmers markets today have become so popular that even the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has officially signed as of July 03, 2013 by its Secretary Thomas Vilsack; a National Farmers Market Week from August 4 to the 10th to help support farmers and the public access to such local farm fresh products.

The farmers market is a healthy supplement to supermarkets, saves on transportation costs, and assists in revitalizing urban areas. Also, many farmer market locations assist in bringing healthy food to people in need via governmental programs and activities sponsored with larger farms. Families enjoy participating at local farm markets and often bring their children so that they learn more about how food is grown to include learning to appreciate the hard work of its producers that help bring food to our tables. Even local chefs that prepare gourmet dishes purchase local farm market produce for their restaurants and often participate in cooking demonstrations at certain locations. Trendy urban neighborhoods have shoppers that benefit and enjoy the farmers’ market cozy atmosphere. Many after a long week of hard work like to plan week-end meals with farm fresh products to enjoy with family and friends. A great local farmer’s market event sponsored by Miller farm is taking place at Main Town Center at South Carefree and Powers Blvd in Colorado Springs, Colorado until October. For a view on some of its natural products, sponsors and farm fresh produce click here One area worth noting is that in the US direct marketing of farm and local naturally made products will continue to grow via several programs such as the farmer markets, roadside stands, community supported agriculture (CSA) farms, and pick your own operations. After all, families in Colorado and across the world craves overall better health, family special events, and prosperity that these outlets assist in providing.
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