Colorado Makes Great Salsa: Par’s Natural Foods

Colorado Makes Great Salsa, Pars Natural Foods
Colorado Makes Great Salsa, Par”s Natural Foods

Colorado makes great salsa at the heart of Pueblo Colorado with Par’s Natural Foods. The company has Preserves, dip mixes and to include dry rubs; however two of their most popular products are the pickled vegetables or Torshi named Hannah (a spicy Chile Torshi Salsa) excellent as a dip or as a compliment with your steak, hamburger, lamb, or seafood and the Hailey (a spicy eggplant salsa) both very nutritious and delicious. To learn more about their salsa and recipes visit their website here at

Pueblo is a growing community and economy. Supporting Colorado growers, chefs and grocers helps bring prosperity to our region. Peter Beizaee says that food is a great way to share and enjoy with people. “I hope you enjoy my products, they are made with love from my family to yours.
Happy Eating….
-Peter Beizaee
Chef and Certified Food Processor (Par’s Natural, 2013).
Par’s Natural Foods and Salsas are:
* Made with Natural Products
* No Preservatives
* No Additives
* Vegan/Vegetarian
* Gluten Free
* Fully Certified
Best of all Made With small_heart in Colorado (Peter Beizaee, 2013).
Above image (Pars Natural, 2012).