Colorado Business Leaders Forum on US Economy and Colorado Job Growth.

A few videos on the November 3rd 2011 community and business leaders Economic Forum. The economic forum was a business strategy dialogue to discuss ways to improve the economy, manufacturing, trade and employment sector. If you have any other business ideas to improve our economy please be part of the conversation.
US Trade Policy and Colorado Local Economy

Others will follow shortly after another event on Colorado Film Industry.

Part I-The business leaders’ forum on November 3, 2011 was a truly amazing educational event. It is great to see so many Colorado dedicated business owners, educators and business leaders from the region having a great dialogue about situations affecting business growth, employment opportunities and trade issues that affect our local retail and manufacturing base. The speaker here in part two is also Fred Crowley.
Fred Crowley-
Associate Research Professor
Senior Instructor and Director of Southern Colorado Economic Forum
Fred Crowley is a Senior Instructor in the College of Business in the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He has been the Senior Economist for the Southern Colorado Economic Forum in the College of Business since September 2001. He is also the Forum’s Associate Director. Colorado should be so proud of having so many dedicated business leaders who took time out from their busy schedules to discuss and strategize business issues affecting business in general and our US economy.


To understand more about how trade is actually working vs. what the name given to the system implies, that it is “free-trade” and therefore great for America and US business; let’s analyze or review the presentation by Ian Fletcher who wrote the book, Free Trade Doesn’t Work. This is of course a dialogue and research into the matter in view that our Nation is having many financial challenges while also losing thousands of manufacturing and production jobs. Education and research into the trade subject will help lead to your very own conclusions and hopefully help strategize how to best succeed more effectively in present and future business.
Ian Fletcher is Senior Economist of the Coalition for a Prosperous America, a nationwide grass-roots organization dedicated to fixing America’s trade policies and comprising representatives from business, agriculture, and labor. His book, Free Trade Doesn’t Work (2011 edition) could be found on Ian was a previous Research Fellow at the U.S. Business and Industry Council, and before that, an economist in private practice serving hedge funds and private equity firms. Part of his presentation follows below.

Part 2 with some concluding remarks:

Some personal observations: The model of free-trade was never updated to adapt to the new world stage such as changes in legislations, banking etc. For example our currency was backed by Gold but today money is printed by fiat (electronic numbers going in and out) so production or labor is not following the input-output like when one of us works for 8 hours Actual money would be paid to the worker for that shift in production. The Federal Reserve fractional reserve banking system prints IOU’s or money that is not backed equally by gold reserve nor did it follow actual work output so deficit gets out of hand when funds get printed for a project but not backed by work actually produced to back it up as it happens and makes trade problems worse. This is why some believe in free-trade and try to change our banking system so as to produce actual money backed by gold or audits for real work production. The fiat system has gotten out of hand when money not backed by actual work or is used for pet projects, going to places that most tax payers and producers cannot even track nor comprehend were it is going. As of now trillions have been vaporizing, jobs have been lost, manufacturing is almost gone and the entire problem is NOT sustainable. This is why so many may not understand how trade is actually working and may believe in the fantasy of a convenient given keyword that we could have free-trade when we do not have a sound monetary system nor real free-trade. Since reform may never happen for many in congress along with top lobby or politicians love the existing Fed way of working in order to keep printing away then the US definetely needs to have some new workable trade reform to assist the producing sector of our economy; if not then we perish in the long-term as the charts showed during the forum. Also we are harmonizing our sovereign laws that protect our food and product quality supplies. In the current dysfunctional trade model since we have to harmonize with foreign trade WTO directives we could lose our access to Vitamins (under Codex Alimentarious), our food supply integrity since China violated food labels and clean food growth rules and many US multinationals are abandoning the interests and integrity of the American people for pure abundant profits and many tweaking food and bio engineering with GMO’s. DNA alterations, Genetic engineering often bypassing the will of the average American citizen and becoming increasingly too powerful which could lead down the road to a central totalitarian system that could lead to the loss of liberties, health, family values and yes even what is left of our free-enterprise system since only few selectives worldwide will be the beneficiaries. Its great to profit, earn a living and conduct business; however it has to help all stakeholders and not risking our future posterity, the life of our children and at the expense of our ability to live in harmony with our business’s and Nation.