Citizen Responsibility in Forging the Future: New Year 2018

In the year 2017 citizens in the United States and abroad adjusted to changes in economic and political restructuring that impacted their daily lives. Some of the changes in how they live and work had positive outcomes while others are still in the works or the “lets see what happens” stages. One had a chance to witness also the many symbols depicted, celebrated events and other media messages given for public consumption of what market trend planners wish for the future. Not all disseminated information was positive and many will require citizenry interpretation, input and participation for most could impact our public health and private space. However; in the end, it is up to us the public worldwide via knowledge and outcome product or service utility (usefulness) end users experience to accept, reject or declare plain ridiculous what the market planner’s inner circle wish for the rest of us. Many new challenges will occur in the New Year 2018 and it is our duty to become educated and actively participate in local neighborhoods and townships when proposals are being enacted (or rolled out) and or discussed to ensure our wellness, that of our children and secure our right to healthy non-intrusive private and public space.

Let’s go over some of the in the works proposed trends needing discussion:

•  5G Wi-Fi- Without public debate and even without public health effect studies, the director and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved 5G spectrums to be rolled out with California home areas having these 5G mini towers going up in neighborhoods without explanations or what frequencies emanate from them. Several protested and thus far had them removed but it may get harder to escape for out of site of public view substitute areas have been created.
Research has it that it is for the all things internet cities in which Denver is on the list of Smart “everything connected” cities in which your location and all your devices are interconnected and active all the time. Is it a good thing? Well, there has been very little public debate or released information in order for the public to learn about what is the true outcome of becoming such an interconnected city. Another area to consider is the effect it may have to others when in shared spaces such as libraries and or schools where several close in proximity computers multiply the 5G-frequency exposure.

•  Smart meters- Meters were installed on our homes with the premise that it would save money and of course it did not and many jobs were lost. Analog meters were taken out with new meters that are two ways in which the Utility Company from a distance can read your meter. The question here also, What effect do these pulsating meters have on home owners health and again now with 5G coming how will that affect sleep patterns and families ability to rest in their private space? The meter is 2-way, so is it possible for selected bad frequency to be pulsated back into homes? This incurred extra expenses on homeowners across the country that had to buy frequency meters to continually check their homes for harmful frequencies. More information on Smart meters can be found here, In

•  Atmospheric experiments pose another concern with unexpected expenses (affects our businesses and private properties due to severe weather) with consequences due to alterations in weather patterns. Harvard University has come out to discuss the releasing of metallic particulates into the air via balloons; however this has been occurring in our skies for at least a decade but it is finally brought forth with things being planned by Scientists to so call tame climate change that perhaps such groups created in the first place. (Reference “Owning the weather 2030” document) More information on Harvard climate article click here, Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geo-engineering Experiments. (2017).

•  The average business and people in their community will have to cope with the full spectrum dominance that is being attained by special privileged corporations via their ability to build and purchase quantum computers that via its power pose the ability to force on others their plans; even if the plans do not make sense or provide service or product utility to others. A case in point is the builder of D-wave quantum computers Geordie Rose. The man has sold quantum computers with high end artificial intelligence to privileged clients such as Google, Military, foreign governments; even when not aligned with our values. Many such special clients have their own plans, visions, goals and versions of what a Utopian future should be. Some are even boasting about their goals in bringing about an enhanced humanity. This may include the re-engineering of natural biology and nature. For example, the artificial intelligence created computer robot by the name Sophia, was given human rights in Saudi Arabia placing forth trends for robotics and trans-humanism. It was absurd to have this robot give a thank you speech as if a human with answers that were input by the creators and yes this is how they roll even if nothing makes any sense. In this presentation below given in Canada Geordie Rose speaks about summoning demons that could care less about our humanity and via its intelligence makes us all obsolete or even torment us as if we are like tiny ants to it. The presentation was given when recruiting workers for his programs and new company by the name Kindred. These so called plans for the future with the displacing and re-engineering of humans and or humanity in general are not legal. This defies all ethics and even business law in which companies need to adhere to strict industry standards, rule of law and the law in not causing harm, injury or biological death to others via their products. Yet this is what gets rolled out or unveiled to our existing world regardless of debate or how it may affect the processes and business systems of others. That is not democratic but dictatorial and no one should have such power over others existence and threat our humanity just because they have a lot of wealth or unusual intelligence to build weird stuff. Hitler had intelligence yet developed madness and a dystopian nightmare of a future to millions that perished under that vision for humanity. The aftermath was death, biological experimentation resulting in physical pain to others and darkness. Video by(Redflag Media,Youtube 2017)

•  Changes to our existing monetary system for a “digital one” called Bitcoin and the deployment of Blockchain technologies. It will pose changes to the monetary system of the world, however it also serves to increase the “IQ of AI”. (Artificial intelligence). All your purchases and what you enjoy investing or purchasing recorded on the blockchain. This is all new information and subject not that familiar to most. More on that could be found at (, 2018). Also, proposals for a universal income were suggested as computers replace many jobs. This is not a good idea for it would have government being the replacement of an employer and could shutdown at their discretion or due to mismanagement disputes. Hitler starved thousands and Cambodia under their programs and not with good results.

As we can clearly see as a people, business leaders and as a country we have accomplished great outcomes and wonderful goals in spite of other top down attempts at human liberty. If you look around in Colorado one can see that we are capable of creating beautiful places and spaces without bringing harm thus far. However, it is our duty for the New Year 2018 to continue to be vigilant and have a dialogue and communication publicly when trending issues pose a threat to our future safety, our ability to exist naturally and that to the general wellbeing of the population. Best wishes and empower yourselves in forging a great New Year ahead with confidence and optimism. Take time for active participation and engagement in your communities to make them better whenever possible. Blessings and best wishes to all for 2018.