Colorado Small is an online forum and small business organization launched to empower small businesses’ and local communities in order to better compete amidst a global economy

Professionals in Excellence, Pueblo Colorado

Professionals in Excellence is a business referral network that meets every Thursday at Manhattan’s Pizza Parlor off Hwy 50, Pueblo. Guests are invited to attend to get more information and an application for membership is attached below for those that after visiting may wish to apply. I had a chance […]

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A Colorado Small business organization where Business Owners Goals Lead the Way

Colorado Small is an online forum and small business organization launched to empower small businesses’  and local communities in order to better compete amidst a global economy. The idea is to bring unique Colorado products, services and business concepts for the world to view, value and purchase. The reality of an accelerating global […]

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Colorado Small

Colorado Small assists small business owners, local communities and all their stakeholders to include consumers so as for all to better compete more efficiently yet inter-independently alongside side a growing global market. The project was first initiated March 16th, 2009 while actively participating in formal University entrepreneurial studies and projected to be completed […]

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