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Event Planning: A Strategy for Maintaining Direct Communication with Clients

Event planning is a great strategy for keeping direct contact with your clients. In a growing digital age with daily multiple device usage; why not maintain your direct brand communication with clients by hosting a business or social event? A combination of face-to-face social interaction along with online product or service showcasing will be greatly appreciated by customers. It is still important to feel, see and receive direct feedback about your product and services with clients. Direct feedback and social interactions is what has often led to new product innovation and improvements since millennia.

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Planning an event does not have to be complicated. It could be as simple as setting up a table with a special display and some appetizers or scaled up from a medium to large top of the line all out celebration. A social event could even be shared with customers at a place of business. A case in point, as a young college student visiting the city of Boston, our small group stepped inside a Pizzeria and received a complimentary slice of pizza from the owners since they were celebrating their anniversary. To this day enjoy a pleasant memory about this city for found it charming that a couple that worked long hours together managed to shared their family celebration with us as customers. The words, Welcome to Boston and have a great day, still resonate as a pleasant moment in time at that location. Before planning an event of course it’s important to just ask yourself or as a planner the basic questions, of what? Who? Where, Why, How and When? Event planning has to have its goals and objectives clearly defined. To some business owners it may be simpler to have a professional event planner conduct all the planning and for others to just plan your own. And better still, to get more from this time invested; your business can save all the details along with images into an event page archive as done here, in the Colorado Springs events page. There are many online tools to assist you in preparing for the attendance for building of attendees, such as with Google event Calendar or Facebook create an event until you reach your audience size. It could also be announced and later updated post event in the same evergreen event website page.

For establishing goals clearly it early could be as simple as promoting a new location, product launch or to increase sales perhaps even public awareness by 20 percent. This information will then be used to create the steps necessary to design and reach those goals. The goal is where you want to be, and the objectives are the steps needed to get there in order to make that goal become reality. ( (2016) event planning). Most cities will have event centers all ready to go if you need a location outside your place of business that include enough parking, extra insurance if needed and suggestions such as when may be best time or date to set up the event. For example, St. Patrick’s day, Spring Break, 4th of July etc., may not be the best dates to have your event held for most attendees may already be out celebrating these other festivities. Busy yearly held event dates such as those mentioned might limit parking ability, safety and or compromise your attendance.

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An event is as successful as when one cares for all guests and this will include taking into consideration special care for kids, seniors and VIP’s. The event should be fun and take safety for all attending in mind. VIPs could be assigned Valet parking or ensure personal assistants; seniors could have special activities or tables and many venues have children areas built with their safety in mind such as local museums, aquariums, and when needed provided assistants with sign-in sheets. Events should also start and end on the time specified. Today there are many tools available to host successful events from start to finish. Most will even print a one page agenda so attendees become familiar with what may come next for those larger festivities. Most events could have a theme while others could be classic and simple. Special décor and contracted services could be aided by specialists such as florists, caterers, home stage designers, bakers, event centers, restaurants, and or event planners professional services or leads. Showcase your own artwork, product and services on your displays or via a projector. Archive the activity on more than one outlet or webpage. Clients will cherish your efforts in the years to come for after all as a business you went the extra mile to maintain that direct one and one contact with them. They will always keep that special day in mind when thinking about your brand or while navigating across devices.