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I come from a family of small business entrepreneurs that traveled across the United States and settled in Colorado. Grow your business with us today.

New Years Eve Celebration: Springs City Auditorium

Big New Year’s Eve Celebration M Squared Promotions & Special Events, LLC Presents: Al Hurricane, Jr The Al Hurricane Band on Sunday, December 31 2017 Venue: Colorado Springs Auditorium at 221 East Kiowa Street Colorado Springs, Colorado With Special Guests: LLuvia Negra And The Dave Maestas Band * Mexican Food* […]

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Denver Event: Leadership USA Colorado Tuesday November 14 2017

Press Release sent by Public relations Representative. Nov. 14: Emmy-Winning Former TV Anchorwoman to Tell Colorado Business Leaders How to Turn Foes into Friends Emmy-winning former television anchorwoman and talk show host Connie Dieken, CSP, CPAE, will reveal to a Denver-area gathering of top business leaders the easiest – and […]

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Small Business: Has it Failed America?

Small business is known to be the engine that fuels the economy and job creation in America. However, is small business today failing to strategize and sharpen the saw to keep up with inimical market changes and trends occurring incrementally year after year? Are we failing to protect and guard […]

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Leadership Strategies for Year 2017

  One of two top leadership maxims’ is that one could fail no matter how well prepared to win and that being a great leader is often a lonely job. (Wess Roberts PhD., 1989, Leadership Secrets). It is evident that year 2017 may prove to be one of the most […]

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Private Property Rights in Jeopardy: El Paso County and Beyond

Property rights in jeopardy via land swaps and deals without voter approval or oversight