Asian Pacific American and Community Leaders Gather for Vietnam Memorial

Veterans from Vietnam War were honored early February close to the Asian Pacific New Year and Denver market with a public ceremony and memorial dedication. The invited public, dignitaries, Veterans, families, and business leaders gathered to unveil and formally dedicate a thoughtful monument to those that served. Thanks to participant’s diplomacy and historical contributions; today there is achieved success, a growing future and self-actualization dreams for both the past and present generations becoming reality.

The monument which is shown in picture below has an American and Vietnamese soldier each depicted for their contributions towards the achieved progress we see today. We see roads ahead in prosperity; not just in people’s lives but in the world of business, education, family life, and innovation.
America is such a country in which people from other countries contribute to the mosaic that forms the fabric of America and each without losing their unique identity. The Asian Pacific community has always had its place in Denver Colorado; especially near South Federal, Alameda, and Aurora to include others. These cultural enclaves become great for tourism and stimulate the economy while providing great sense of accomplishment and pride. Many visit from out of State and from all over Colorado to enjoy the different types of foods, services and products. Consequently, business leaders grow in numbers and with each success many later help others and become able to rejoice and contribute to their public as with the Veteran Memorial dedication.

The lunar calendar New Year has been traditionally a time to honor ancestors and bring new hopes and well-wishing for everyone. It’s a time to honor present and past generations. The event is celebrated at home and places of business. What is so great about our country facilitating others to rejoice in success and prosperity is that many of these self-actualized individuals give back not just to their people but to the communities in which they live. Their achievement stories and success then provides hope for others. Positive cultural experiences serve as examples as to what hard work and dedication could bring to those that wish to overcome, grow and prosper. Today’s offspring learn and feel pride for their country of origin while contributing proactively to their new living environments. It’s so great to see people coming together celebrating and working diplomatically towards a better future. It really brings home Maslow hierarchy of needs that when basic needs are met and over time many individuals become self-actualized and then later are better able to serve others to include our society at large. “Instead of focusing on psychopathology and what goes wrong with people, Maslow (1943) formulated a more positive account of human behavior which focused on what goes right. He was interested in human potential, and how we fulfill that potential.” (, 2016)