About Colorado Small Business.org
This is an accelerated platform and organization that assists business owners with the ability to demonstrate, more vividly to their customers their outstanding products and services which made Colorado such a great place to live and enjoy. The goal has been to inform the public about interesting business activities while demonstrating products and services that are unique to the Colorado area. Colorado Small Business.org has evolved since its humble beginnings, 2009 and today we are more determined than ever to bring everything Colorado to the public. The excitement really started early while visiting businesses with a prominent entrepreneur relative. One learns about appreciating the great rewards in growing a business to success while also enjoying life alongside family and friends.

How do we accomplish the mission in bringing new opportunities, customers and information to the public to learn more about your Colorado business? Colorado Small Business.org has two platforms in which to accelerate your business information and location. First, we recommend using this site with the accelerated promotion capabilities with an ad that will vividly demonstrate your products and services to the public with a package that runs from six to eight weeks, depending on which one you choose. The eight week package includes a small business video that gets displayed on the front page. Second, after the accelerated promotion, your business information gets placed on our second platform and main business directory, Business Colorado Directory.com. Our product and shopping page will provide later more information about all the services provided. Colorado Small Business.org is an adjunct organization accelerating business information and promotions to the main more mainstream directory so all checks are paid to Business Colorado Directory.com and receipts from shopping cart will also display this name. Freelance business information will always be available in the blog section page.

Another service we provide is business event coverage
We also cover business events in our event page to our clients. You may include any extra images or other information you wish to display or announce. Active members running ads receive added bonus services and priority placements.  Let us know at least  three weeks in advance about your upcoming business event. Event coverage is another service we provide and it gets archived for customers to visit in the present and future when they wish to revisit or share your event from the business events page.

We welcome you and appreciate growing your business with us. Customers will learn more about all that is great about your outstanding products and services. Grow exciting and vivid business relationships with your customers.

This is your unique platform, enjoy it.

Business Background:

Entrepreneur family background, my aunt IsolinaI come from a family of entrepreneurs and traveled across the United States as part of military family both as a daughter and later as a spouse of an Army Ranger. I had a chance to speak and spend time with business owners during these travels for my passion has always been surrounding myself with successful business leaders. One of my mentors was my aunt Isolina who was ahead of her time. She ran a successful real estate brokerage business that converted low performing locations and businesses into lucrative ones. On occasion she would take me along in her beautiful Cadillac to visit business and property owners. During summer break  I worked for her answering phones, attending business events, ventures and activities. Because of my passion for business and to formalize my working experience,  I attained a business BA degree in Entrepreneurial Studies,  in 2011.  This formal education along with diverse working experience provided me with the knowledge to see how businesses can thrive and grow. Come grow your business with us!