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Verizon: Growing in Innovation and Service Delivery

Verizon products and services Cell phone and related wireless services have evolved over time with new front runners taking the lead. According to Consumers Reports cell phone service analysis and consumer feedback from across the states, Verizon is leading in performance. It has made its way to the top tier and still reinventing itself for a more strategic market reach. In January 2013 it made top choice for smart phones among other major carriers. It stood out most significantly for data service and quality in product service delivery. These attributes are considered the most important considerations for Smart Phone users. (Consumer Reports, 2013) How did this giant leap forward occur? Verizon has been using strategies normally employed by small business into their corporate structure. This serves as a reminder for everyone to keep “sharpening the saw”. One must keep striving and moving forward in good or in challenging times. (Stephen Covey, 2007)
Most companies would benefit by setting some time aside each month for Research and Development (R&D). In the case of Verizon it never stopped thinking about innovation and business development strategies. In addition, it continued to keep active involvement between all members of the organization and interaction across all functions. According to author Lorri Freifeld, Verizon employed active interactions and feedback about their products between employees, independent contractors and franchisees via annual training and ongoing open communication. (Lorri Freifeld Lorri, Verizon’s #1 Calling). Another strategy was to get immediate feedback from consumers’ right from the sales floor. Leadership development is their favorite term since it involves all the active participants (stakeholders) across the entire product cycle interacting actively with each other. Each member has an important role. This area has been an oversight for some companies that just focus on the marketing then on the sales often forgetting to continue to care for their products, services, consumers and employees across the entire product cycle. Marketing dollars often go out the window when not enough genuine attention is given during the entire product and sales cycle. To summarize, we could see firsthand that Verizon has come a long way and consumers are enjoying it every step of the way. In rating cell service by city it came on top of all major US cities and just second for the city of Chicago. (Consumer Reports, 2013, pg. 37). Consumer Reports has an online service for those who wish to learn more about the ratings and also the local public library has publications available.
Article by Theresa Nielsen. BA Entrepreneurial Studies.

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Business Leaders: Invitation​: 11/3/11, Jobs Renaissanc​e, Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado business leaders interested in participating in a job creation strategy forum and troubleshooting dialogue in how we could grow a stronger Colorado economy, effective production and employment outlook please attend by reserving a seat Clicking here, Revitalizing regional, state and the U.S. economy Jobs Forum.

Business Leaders Forum

November 3, 2011
11:30a to 1:30p

$25, includes lunch

Gaylord Hall
Worner Center
Colorado College Campus
902 N. Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Attendees will discuss solutions including:
* Job creation in Colorado, best strategies
* Revitalizing manufacturing
* National trade policy
* Gaining access to credit for small and mid-sized businesses
Cosponsoring organizations include:
* Coalition for a Prosperous America, Colorado Chapter
* Colorado NFIB
* Stockmens Bank
* Kurt Manufacturing
* Flying Horse Realty
* Qualtek Manufacturing
* Springs Fabrication

• Fred Crowley, Director of Southern Colorado Economic Forum, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
• Karl Dakin, Senior Fellow, DaVinci Institute; Executive Director, Sullivan Chair for Free Enterprise, Regis University
• Ian Fletcher, Senior Economist, Coalition for a Prosperous America

Invite contact by e-mail notification from Co Chair of Steering Committee.
” It is time for state and local leaders to come together and develop a plan on how to create jobs, revitalize manufacturing and increase economic growth. This is a genuine leadership summit. Participants will work together to evaluate economic development strategies and decide which strategies are the top priorities for revitalizing the regional, state and the U.S. economy. Leaders will also plan how to work together to advance their chosen priorities with political leaders and policy makers.” (Frank Shannon, 2011, Chair of CO Steering Committee)

Frank Shannon, Chair of CO Steering Committee, Coalition for a Prosperous America Colorado Chapter
(Image, 2011,Greatlakesconferencing)

More information on trade, employment and manufacturing could be found at:
700 12th Street NW, Suite 700 – Washington, DC 20005 | 615 Boardman Street – Sheffield, MA 01257
Tel: 413.854.2580 | fax: 413.895.5355
Email: | website:

News from a Dayton Ohio Conference:

News Release
October 7, 2011Dayton, OH ~ over one hundred twenty (120) leaders gathered in Dayton today to discuss how to revitalize American production, grow the economy and create jobs. Attendees included representatives from government economic development agencies and councils, manufacturing, accounting, labor and agriculture. After a long deliberative process, the Greater Dayton economic leaders said that reforming trade policy (to balance trade) and fixing our tax system were the fundamental priorities in job creation.
Attendees voted to send a request to Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, to allow a vote on the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act (HR 639) which would offset foreign government currency manipulation that artificially subsidizes imports to this country.
“Dayton is an innovation and manufacturing hub,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America. “Local leaders want to do the best for their region. After considering issues of regulation, banking, trade, tax and energy, they decided that balancing trade and tax reform were the top two core priorities.”
Speakers included Charles Blum (former assistant U.S. Trade Representative; President, IAS Group) who spoke about currency and tax issues; Pat Choate (author and former vice presidential candidate) who spoke about foreign state capitalism and how to create massive new employment; Marilyn Landis (financial consultant) who spoke about small business access to credit; and Clyde Prestowitz (President, Economic Strategies Institute; former Department of Commerce official) who spoke about successful past U.S. manufacturing strategies. Additionally, Rep. Steve Austria spoke about his views on fixing the economy. Governor Buddy Roemer (GOP presidential candidate) gave a keynote address highlighting the trade deficit as a major problem that America must solve to be great again.
“Participants were Republican, Democrat and Independent,” said Stumo. “They were unified in wanting to act immediately and request that Speaker Boehner schedule a floor vote on the pending Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act of 2011 (HR 639). We will send a letter to the Speakers office next week in furtherance of their decision.”
Nearly one-third of those participating signed up for a Task Force to continue their work and provide leadership to policy makers to fix Ohio’s and America’s economy. Nan Whaley, Dayton City Commissioner, will chair that task force.
The Coalition for a Prosperous America is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of 2.7 million households through our agricultural, manufacturing and labor members.

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