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Sexy dress by Autumn Teneyl Designs-a mountain-chic fashion design company

Autumn Teneyl Designs-a mountain-chic fashion design company

Colorado Fashion Company, Autumn Teneyl Designs is on a mission to empower women to develop skills & confidence to succeed while creating eco-chic fashion.
Connie Cook
Autumn Teneyl Designs is a mountain-chic, homegrown cottage industry fashion design company based out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. ATD is committed to an ethical and eco-conscious model in all areas of the business with a main focus of keeping all garments made in the U.S.A. As an advocate for the environment and the human condition, Autumn devotes time and revenue to such causes year-round. In addition to a sew house in Denver, Autumn has begun working with a regional women’s cooperative sew house, Southwest Creations Collaborative, which began in 1994 and has been driven by an ambitious social mission: to alleviate poverty and build economic opportunity across generations. They provide dignified employment to women from low-income communities, education opportunities and on-site childcare, while engaging employees and their families in improving skills and capacity as leaders. Their mission is aligned with the mission and philosophies of Autumn Teneyl Designs, making it a logical pairing with heart. Every garment is still handmade with pride and dignity and the momentum of Autumn Teneyl Designs continues to intensify while always remaining true to the essence of the company: making women look and feel beautiful. Visit to learn more about the campaign to empower small business women entrepreneurs committed to keeping made in the U.S.A alive.

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  1. Hemp clothing are the best choice in these day’s they are echo friendly and more stronger then any other fabric which is widely used all over.

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