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Professionals in Excellence is a business referral network that meets every Thursday at Manhattan’s Pizza Parlor off Hwy 50, Pueblo. Guests are invited to attend to get more information and an application for membership is attached below for those that after visiting may wish to apply. I had a chance to visit a few months ago and enjoyed it immensely. The meeting was cheerful and had a chance to meet great people from different occupations and with a common purpose of growing their business, communities, local economy and network. I was having a conversation about having a local person here in Colorado Springs build me a desk and how hard it was to get a nice size desk with plenty of drawers and suddenly two person’s down on next table a man gave me his card and told me he builds all kinds of furniture and also does special custom-built work projects. It is great to see that the art of furniture and wood working is still very much alive. There is nothing like having something made to suit your working area , special needs and style. Samantha Nau on the right is one of the team leaders and organizers. I had a chance to enjoy a nice Italian Calzone from Manhattan’s that could serve two people so brought half with me to enjoy the next day back in the Springs. Later as time passed the video production project I completed for a roofing company there was accepted for a contest and chance to win $50,000 from Dell computers. Even if the big prize is not awarded it sure was great fun to visit Pueblo and ad with pride the project to my business portfolio. The equiptment would have been used to further meet the needs for more small business projects in our area. The staff and employees at job area were very courteous and like family.
Pueblo Colorado is making a lot of progress and growing nicely yet still has the small town charm and quaint shops are still thriving in between and around the new neighborhoods. Summers are really awesome also when town celebrations take place and family can walk around the parks and enjoy the warm summer breeze. If you would like more information it is summarized below.
The name of business network club: Professionals in Excellence- memberhip fee, $100.00 a year.
Contact: Ms. Samantha Nau, 719-647-2194 Sample application form attached.
Place of meeting: Manhattan’s Pizza Parlor 1110 W US Highway 50, Pueblo, CO 81008 719-545-3400
Time and Dates: Every Thursday from 11:30 to 1:00 pm
Goals: Team lead and referrals assisting via circles of influence. To create business growth, professional development and sound local economy.

Note: I you have a new start-up or business event information you wish to submit for consideration please send request and information to Attn: Publisher

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