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    Local Woman Launches Design-Forward Personalization Company for Kids: Hi Little One

A personal baby clothes gifting company Information news release By Nell Lindquist

I hope this finds you well!

I am writing because I would like to introduce you to a project my sister and I have just launched—Hi Little One. We are a modern, yet personal baby gifting company. We make design-driven personalized onesies, hats, bibs, kids tees, and totes. 10% of our profits are donated to organizations supporting the research and treatment of pediatric cancers.

We had the idea when the baby wave struck and we really could not find any gift options we liked. All the options are overly cutesy, low quality, impersonal and just poorly designed. So we started making our own!

My sister, Maggie Allen, and I have been working for the last year fine tuning our brand, product line and packaging. On Wednesday of this week we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to purchase a direct to garment printer, essential for production. We have been floored by the outpouring of support thus far – we have raised over $22K (50%) in just three days!

See our campaign here: KickStarter Click here, Hi Little One: Design-Forward Personalization Clothing for Kids.
Our 30 day effort ends March Friday, March 6th, and we are hard at work to get as much attention on our effort as possible. We love our product and believe that the market is truly missing modern design driven gifting for babies and kids.

I am Denver based (Cheesman Park) and manage all design, production, and fulfillment. My sister Maggie is in Minneapolis and handles merchandising and partnerships. Please consider supporting a new local small business as we launch this exciting campaign!

We’re cooler than what’s out there, more customizable and 10% of profits go to help kids with cancer. What’s not to like?! ;)

Thanks for your time and for your support!!

Author Patrick Wood wil be conducting an online Town Hall Meeting March 1, 2015 on Technocracy and how it will impact how we live and the future of business. Click here to learn more, Town Hall.

The August Forecast & Review

There is virtually no national awareness of or discussion about Technocracy. We are changing that with the first-ever National Town Hall on Technocracy and I hope you will tune in on the radio or the Internet Live Stream. Please mark your calendar and RSVP below!

This is a solutions-oriented event. We know the problem, but we need American ingenuity and ideas on how to fight back and break Technocracy’s hold* on our nation. (*This includes Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Smart Grid, Smart Growth, Common Core Education Standards, etc.) Everybody can and should listen in. The only call-ins allowed will be people who have already read my book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.

Event: National Town Hall on Technocracy
Date: Sunday, March 1, 2015
Time: 12 noon to 2pm Pacific Time
Who: Erin Ryan, Bill Cundiff and Patrick Wood
Show Info: We The People Radio (

           Real Estate: Mortgage Crisis Effect on Real Property and Realty Profession

Realtors and property owners that have reviewed their transactions since the 2008 economic crisis have found that their properties and mortgages titles of ownership are still not in the clear. Real Estate professionals who have conducted a SWOT analysis in order to research new opportunities and threats in real property market since many of the economic downturns have found some discrepancies and in order to properly represent their clients with due diligence have done some research to include contacting their attorneys. This will assist in properly representing their clients many who are home owners, investors in private properties and others who are in commercial real estate that wish to secure their title once a property has been paid in full. The trend that many seem to witness in addition is that while American private property rights are becoming compromised; the federal government via new educational programs such as common core are back handedly taking ownership of our children’s information to 3rd parties to include that of parents and everyone’s basic right to privacy. One may ask, why the changes and never ending crisis? Who truly benefits? What is behind the incremental compromise of assets such as real estate property?  What could happen if we lose our property rights? What will be the future of America and the Realty Profession in general?

Save our Family and

A person who attempts to answer some of these questions about the mortgage crisis and that later found his own home in jeopardy is Greg of www. Save our Family and (Click on the highlighted area to visit his site). Greg also has an area in his site in which you could check to see if your mortgage has been compromised and also a petition for everyone interested to sign in order for all Americans in the United States to have a congressional hearing to bring light into the many intrusions towards private property and the numerous misuse of the economic 2008 crisis funds. This is of upmost importance for we are all the last generation capable of restoring the Rule of Law with checks & balances both locally and within our branches of government. In business, market confidence is important for negotiations and with proper use of the law protecting our citizens and States we could grow prosperous and longer in term sustainable economies.  One cannot just be a witness or bystander to demise occurring at all levels in our country. Together and by each person taking action steps such as by signing an in action petition with Greg for example; we could be one day closer to experiencing better communities, jobs and lives via standing up to the many inimical situations that threatened our future, our progress and families. A day of wait or inaction is one more day too late to save our rights, businesses and our country.  Please assist in the real property research and mortgage title clarity. Thank you.

Merry Christmas Colorado and Happy Holidays to those of other faiths. May the New Year bring all of us more blessings, profitability and more peace. Here is a video made just for you to celebrate and rejoice. Lets grow business beautifully like never before for the Year 2015. Thanks for your support. Our directory web page will be upgraded to self-submit your webpage along with a competitive yearly hosting service fee of  just 35.00 per year that starts in 2015. Printable forms to sign up are enclosed here on this page or try the coming shopping cart. Remember your membership goes to further help grow our economy, bring more prosperity to families and grow small business which is the driving engine of the US economy. Colorado Small will continue to function as a not-for profit for Colorado business promotion articles, community education projects and topics of interests that assist in bringing awareness to the market about the innovative Colorado business community.

What is the history behind Small Business Saturday? It would be pertinent to say that every day is small business day since it’s the real source of job creation in America and other countries. It also provides the opportunity for locals across the country to offer their unique products, passions and services that are unique to their local environments and market segments. “In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help small business get more customers. The day happens every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and encourages people to shop at the small businesses that help write the story of America”. (American Express Card (2014) About Shop Small Business). Small business has been writing its own story of success and wish to live in harmony from the beginning; for even prior to 1880 it reflected the pioneer spirit of self-reliance and independence. These attributes dominated the landscape for many arrived in America to pursue personal and community goals so as to live in liberty and away from bondage or religious persecution. This provided the opportunity to innovate, express personal beliefs without retribution and to pursue meaningful goals.

Early US Immigrant from Denmark

balance between business sectorsToday, many find it refreshing to see more balance between small, medium and large corporate structure businesses influencing the economy and serving the public needs for great quality products and services. Each sector plays a unique role in sparking new interests for coming up with products that help consumers at all levels. This comparison picture of balance was  presented here in blog February of 2011 to reflect how one sector does not need to over power or eclipse the other. American Express is just one example of a role played by a larger business in assisting small business with lending opportunities and public support. After all, small business and those employing workers nationally helped grow the middle class and therefore raised the standard of living for all Americans to include the ability to invest overseas. “Small and large businesses are not distinct segments of the U.S. economy: They buy each other’s products and build on each other’s innovations to generate economic growth”.  (Leebaert, 2006) Also to note is that during this 2006 report, small business was creating about 75% new jobs and today that number has dropped to around 60% (Straight Money, 2014) due to decline in national manufacturing and China growing market share from overseas with many jobs growing out of the country. In fact, China has this year surpassed the US economy. How will this affect our standard of living and future? This is a question that needs more exploration by all the stakeholders affected. So, today more than ever we need to improve our markets and invest locally while growing alongside the global economy in order to continue ahead in harmony, balance and wellness, not detriment.

Small Business Saturday Downtown City of Colorado Springs

In conclusion, Has Small Business Saturday since year 2010 helped grow more business for small business? The answer is yes. The statistics following each year of small business Saturday shows an increases in sales and revenues. In the year 2013 sales went up by 4 percent than the year before and in their own words and findings, “Consumers who were aware of Small Business Saturday spent $5.7 billion with independent merchants on Saturday, according to research published today by American Express (AXP) and the National Federation of Independent Business”. (Business, 2013). This year is coming to pass and still early to tally all figures for 2014; however we personally asked small business owners downtown Colorado Springs and 99 percent of those asked responded that their sales were up on Small Business Saturday from previous year. One could also get an edge to propel ahead even further besides celebrating small business Saturday by balancing equity to debt ratios, continue to conduct research and new product development to include factoring for new business strategies. The small business administration also encourages small business to try exporting goods. The name small business does not imply small revenues for by definition The Small Business Administration defines it as unique concerns in all industries and sales of more than a million fall into the mix. For example:
• Services: Annual receipts may not exceed $2.5 to $21.5 million, depending on the particular service being provided;
• Retailing: Annual receipts may not exceed $5.0 to $21.0 million, depending on the particular product being provided;
• Special Trade Construction: Annual receipts may not exceed $7 million; and
• Agriculture: Annual receipts may not exceed $0.5 to $9.0 million, depending on the agricultural product.
Rejoice and enjoy each and every small business day today while continuing to support your local small business.

Colorado Business Owners Honor Veterans Day

Local Business Owners Honor Veterans Day

Businesses across Colorado and the country honor Veterans on this special day November 11, 2014. Thank you Veterans for serving the country and to members of the local community that so generously gave of their time and efforts by sharing with them in their business special activities. Thank you.



Rhonda Ra Grand Opening of Education Center in Golden Colorado
September 18th 2014, estheticians from across the state gathered in Golden Colorado to celebrate the Grand Opening of Rhonda Ra Allison Skin Care training and education facility. The exclusive event gave a chance for skin care professionals to meet, exchange ideas and tour the new spacious training facility with a beautiful view of the Colorado Mountains. A festive ribbon cutting ceremony took place while attendees enjoyed some champagne, appetizers, infused waters, door and raffle prizes.

The main highlight of the event however was meeting in person Rhonda Ra Allison and a chance to share in the success of her 30 years of personal contributions to the skin care industry. Today, Rhonda shares along with her sales team, the knowledge she has gathered and collected over the years to assist new and established skin care professionals. Colorado has been one of the states forging new paths for skin care companies competing along side other popular areas such as New York, California and Atlanta Georgia. It was also great to learn about how new ingredients that work with synergy to improve most skin care concerns.

At the new Colorado education and training facility many estheticians got a chance to learn about many new innovative methods that deliver results for the consumer. Among the local attendees were Terri from Colorado Springs, Oxana in Tamarac and others from metro Denver, who gathered in small groups after the main event to share information, experiences and success stories. Some discussions included new menu ideas for the fall and holiday season. One of the favorites included the Pumpkin cleanser and facial for fall season.

Competition means to strive together and thanks to competitive markets, the consumers are the ones that benefit the most. Skin care professionals often seek new knowledge to better serve their clients and keep up with research and product development. And it is the skin care professionals that are dedicated to their profession who often find the most effective and cutting edge products. Rhonda Ra Allison has provided local professionals the opportunity to learn more, and provide hands on training at the education facility. Skin care professionals in Colorado are very grateful and enjoy the many new contributions to the skin care field by Rhonda and her sales teams. The training facility is located at 523 Point Drive in Golden. For more information about the products and innovative treatments contact your favorite skin care professional.

Holistic and Complementary Medicine

America has long been one of the most prosperous countries yet suffers most from debilitating illnesses to include obesity and often general poor health. However, with rising health care costs and a growing more educated public seeking better solutions this trend may hopefully be reversed. Today, even modern medicine is slowly integrating many other wellness approaches. For example, many hospitals are providing complementary medicine and even building with more contemporary construction that provides more tranquil natural light environments. Holistic medicine has been the pioneer at looking at the whole person and not just at the onset of a particular disease. It looks at the environment, the mind and the spirit and attempts to bring all systems into balance.

So, What is the real difference between complementary, traditional and modern allopathic medicine?
Complementary” generally refers to using a non-mainstream approach to human health together with conventional medicine. (, 1998). Traditional Medicine refers to the medical systems of the ancient Chinese, Asian Indians, Greeks, European passed down folk medicine and that of Native Americans. “For the most part, traditional medicine has been handed down over thousands of years, both orally and as a written record to future generations. (The Complete Guide to Natural Health, 1997, page 5). Modern medicine formed mostly from the discoveries and in trade that arose during the expansion into the New World and in America is only about two hundred plus years old. Socrates warned around 4th century BC that treating only one part of the body would not have good results. Several factors come into play when illness develops. Detrimental societal issues could often affect human health. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, also stated early on that many factors contribute to affecting human health to include weather, nutrition, and emotional factors. (Skinner Patricia, (2005) Holistic Medicine). To this day, both are admired for their contributions to modern science to include other pioneers in both traditional and orthodox (Modern) medicine.

The essence of all life is based on energy. Life is to be enjoyed and lived in harmonious balance. As we have learned from our biology and chemistry textbooks, to include early education studies; each living cell that forms life and or all matter at the sub-atomic level is composed of vibrational energy via protons, neutrons and electrons. In plant biology we get light energy via photons from sunlight and part of photosynthesis, that later produces our foods or starches in plants. The elements are different based on the number of protons, neutrons and electrons on the outer subsequent rings of the atoms. When two elements combine we get compounds. The cell or human body is in balance when the total life force is in normal balance without physical, mental or spiritual blockage. In order to summarize then we see that traditional medicine views disease as the lack or disruption of balance in the body’s systems. So, How do we get out of balance when nature provided for us with the basic tools to live in harmony?

Poor diet, frequent negative emotions, prolonged stress, pollution, and unchecked over production of free radicals in the body among others tend to disrupt our feeling of wellness, balance and general well being. Rest, good nutrition, exercise and some guidance or support system often helps one get back into balance. Modern medicine has even brought forth lifestyle medicine to come into play to assist in preventive illness. In addition, wellness centers across the country are providing support close to home by providing many programs to assist families and individuals with alternative and traditional treatments. As time passed our world became more complex with many of us serving in many more roles and having a support system or preventive program to assist us nearby sure has helped. Our neighborhoods and nearby communities are now living more consciously and enjoying more natural preventive treatments.

Many Wellness centers across the country today provide a place to grow in wellness and enjoy preventive treatments. They serve as living ongoing preventive in nature approach and healthy lifestyle centers where individuals and families with similar values have a place to meet, recharge and rebalance. Wellness should not just be a concern when disease or illness occurs but a life long preventive lifestyle that rejoices in life, sound medicine and therapeutic preventive treatments. Enjoy holistic health today and every day.


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Tom Monte, and Editors. The Complete Guide to Natural Healing. (1997). New York: The Berkley Publishing Group.

For Every Season  Gift and Home Accents Shop celebrated  business Milestone

For Every Season Gift and Home Accents Shop celebrated business anniversary in Lone Tree, Colorado

Gifts and Home Accents Shop Celebrates Anniversary in Lone Tree
Celebrating Business Milestones

For Every Season, gift and home accents shop located in Lone Tree, Colorado, celebrated their tenth year in business anniversary, March 1, 2014. Art and Judy Shiota have brought many unique gift ideas and pleasant home accents over the years to clients and visitors alike in the developing area. Most décor theme ideas assist in creating harmonious areas in our homes or office spaces in which to relax and enjoy some tranquil time in addition to providing a window for increased creativity. Not long ago it was all the rage in bookstores and professional publications to remind us of the importance in taking some time of the day for ourselves to include before or after work in order to feel recharged and rested from our busy yet rewarding schedules. It was suggested that something as simple as creating or having a unique tranquil space at the home or office that provided a restful area of our own or ambiance for us to relax and unwind would do it. It is great to work hard; however it is just as important to take time out for ourselves even if for ten to fifteen minutes a day. Working moms in particular either at home or at the office enjoy taking some time out in the day in which to rest on a favorite chair, hammock or corner area with their favorite book or afternoon tea. Many professional offices today still decorate most waiting areas with soft lights and table accents that provide a pleasant area in which to read literature for customers to enjoy while waiting.

Celebrating business milestones is a great event to share with employees or associates’ but most importantly with our customers and the general public. Most would certainly wish to learn more about your products or services and what motivated you to open from day one in business. It is very refreshing to learn about others business success stories or milestones and not just the struggles along the way. Clients and customers get to appreciate your time and efforts into bringing them unique products and services to include the many benefits derived from them while going about their daily activities.

Images for Tranquil home decor Tranquil room design ideas could be as simple as a corner table with an accent chair and decorative pillow or a blanket that reflects your unique personality or style in soft or brilliant bold colors. For example, one created tranquil space for home could be as special as something like this green hammock on the corner of a room along with your favorite book, music player or hobby craft nearby. For others, it could also be as simple as having an afternoon tea with clients or served at home in colorful seasonal teacups and or kitchenware. A simple scented lighted candle could also add great ambiance to any room or bath and of course when used with safety in mind.

For Every Season gifts and home accents, what better way to celebrate than with their own in house decorative spring season tableware and colorful servers? It sure was pleasant to drink from their spring-fluted glasses and served with outdoor picnic style yellow carafe servers. Congratulations for giving us such awesome years in which to find great gifts and home décor ideas for home or office. The shop is located at 7600 E. Park Meadows Drive, #250, Lone Tree Colorado 80124-2560.
Follow us here on Twitter/cosmallbusiness and or click Pinterest to learn more about other small business success stories in Colorado.

Social Media and Leadership
Social Media and The Future of Leadership

Social media has been growing exponentially and assisting in getting people with similar interests and pursuits to connect. This is an opportunity to learn more about a field, socialize and or share ideas. Many question the impact that social media may have on the direction of future leadership since it does not allow much room for criticism or the sharing of serious issues affecting our society.

By definition, a social network is an interconnected system of relationships with other people. What is often overlooked is the relationship of those providing the networks such as the investors with that of the public at large that is being served. Do social media moguls always have the best interest in mind when serving the general public? Could social media become a tool for promoting vested interests social agendas? Social media is a conversation not just among the users but also with the stakeholders that are providing the platforms. For example, not all the providers of platforms for social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and others have values that are aligned with that of the users. This may be one of the reasons that some have not done very well financially despite several attempts and to this day may lag behind in delivering usability with profitability in what they could really have achieved.

Lead with Me on Twitter Most social networks use web script that suggest to readers to follow them with “Follow Me” and when casually done not a problem. Is following others really the best term to use? Are we becoming a nation of followers and not leaders? In social media etiquette we are encouraged to follow; however we are also encouraged to never hint at expressing more relevant concerns that are affecting our fields of work and society. Many Universities and career groups when introducing social media ask users to never even hint or comment much on societal concerns. This is not realistic for we all grow through criticism along with two -way feedbacks and not just via a one -way lets always-be pleasant to then just follow mode of communicating.

There is no doubt that social media has helped society; however one needs to ask if at the same time it may be jeopardizing our future ability to lead. Leaders in many fields need to be able to be honest and express their concerns. We also must be able to discuss serious issues that may be affecting us, to include our clients or communities. Perhaps one day some of the Emperors may truly not be wearing any clothes and we need those individuals out there not afraid to voice concerns and let the rest of us know.

After all, social media is not just about profits or casually spending free time to chat. People spend time there also because they truly care about their friends, work and families. Their input should also count in the shaping of our future society and of their environments. Business people and other professionals have demographics to serve and stakeholders well being and interests to answer for. We wish for our clients’ privacy to be respected and their present and future well being to be honored. Our values, ethics and respect for our clients would preferably also be in alignment with those of the networks that are being offered for us to use. Corporate social responsibility is not just a plaque on the wall.

Are we over time becoming a society of just followers? Of Yes men and women? It would be great for the platform web design emblem to suggest, Lead with me instead of just Follow. And yes, this is some criticism on social networking while pointing out some of the positive benefits. Please, Lead with me in growing Colorado business and do question some of the networks true intentions. Consensus and following is not the same as critical thinking which society needs in order to survive over time.

Critical thinking is to question for example if your values align with that of some of the providers of networks that we have to use as tools on a daily basis. For example, Google is heavily vested in Artificial Intelligence (trans-humanist) projects in which Google Glass is one but one of the many steps into their self-directed worldview and a future transformation of our society, yet we are expected to jump into using Google + and never even question or give our input into such implementations. We are even expected to contribute to that system when using their ubiquitous tools. There are also other platforms allowing NSA surveillance that is being deployed on some users. In this article by Fast Facebook is even asking to read all of your private text messages on Android often getting users by surprise in having to click or exit. In addition by frustration over early years, many decided to delay creating business pages on Facebook when its “inventor” Zuckerburg chose another country as his residence in order to avoid contributing to the US economy. It was the US that contributed greatly to his prosperity and success.

It is important for mutual respect to exist between platforms and those that use it. Respectful two- way communication must take place between stakeholders. No smart businessperson will engage quickly with a company that does not contribute or adds its share in value to others and common desire for prosperity. Social media is great but it most be used responsibly, wisely and with critical thinking. After all we are all leaders in our particular fields and not just followers. Small and medium size businesses must be part of the societal conversation. We cannot just become spectators of events unfolding or to changes implemented top down without the public’s input. The future of society also needs our direction and leadership. Life is not just about profits and corporate worldviews unleashed on to others. Social networking besides communication is about human relationships and the common good. We hope for them to honor their mission statement that states, “ Do no Evil.” Lead with us in growing present and future leaders. Lead with Me.

The City of Colorado Springs in Pictures
To better understand the City of Colorado Springs and its pioneer spirit; we must first study part of its past. It is a City in which people continue to thrive and reinvent themselves over the years, always naturally. It is always a few steps ahead in coming up with new ideas and designs for many unique products come from Colorado and Colorado Springs. It has managed to grow wisely and successfully for while looking ahead in facing the modern world along with its many challenges; it also holds on to its deep roots and history. The city takes well calculated risks for allows its citizenry to contribute their input when facing new proposals. Century of established families weaving the fabric of its history and the military that call the place home continue to contribute to its landscape and conversation to the world. For more information on the Early History of Colorado Springs, visit here, City of Colorado Springs.

Setting Smart Strategic Goals

Organizational Behavior The first step in planning and strategizing goals for the incoming New Year is to brainstorm ideas and the goals that come to mind or one dreams about. It is important to include members’ of your business or organization and even ask your family members for their input. All ideas regardless of how trivial should be written down. The great thing about online Goal setting programs is that these could be used each and every incoming New Year so as to add, modify or observe achievements and milestones accomplished. These could be done or written on an Excel Spreadsheet so it does not have to be expensive and the Project Catalog could be created with a simple file labeled as such. Executive coaches from cornerstone have a printable sample sheet you could print and fill out free of charge, click here, Goal print out sheet. Allowing family and members of an organization to be part of the goal brainstorming is that it will give them a sense of accomplishment and improves their performance when assisting you. In the exploration process we get to see if our goals will be aligned with our values, motivation and purpose. What motivates you on a daily basis? Do you wish to be the company that provides the best service, assists in growing responsibly the local economy and makes your town or State a better place to work and live? Do you wish to grow the healthiest and best tomatoes at your farm? Do you wish to grow your company by 25 % this incoming year? Brainstorming helps us see the big picture.

Planning, strategizing and writing down our goals assist in turning our visions into reality. The goals could be later arranged in order of importance and set further by one month, 1 year, 5 year or 10-year plan. Use the SMART Goal Principle that states that in order for our goals to reach better success rate they must be:

S- Specific or Significant (for example, grow better yet profitable crops)
M- Measurable ad or Meaningful (for example, crops soil improvement as planned in goal produced 25% more antioxidants and health value to consumers)
A- Attainable (for example, farmer had procured the higher quality soil earlier in season)
R- Relevant (for example, the higher quality increased sales which helped farmer financially and also aligned with his values of better food for the public. Part of what motivates him or her).
T- Time bound or Tracking possible- (for example, farmer had planned that in that coming year his soil improvement plan plus the action step in the procurement would yield that next year 25 % more yield and quality. Important to set precise goals, placing in dates, times and amounts so one could measure achievement over time. Today this farmer has a great sense of achievement and accomplishment with his digital planner ready to include new goals and ideas for 5 year or 10- year goals.

Day to day activities, monthly and yearly goals often get placed in To-Do-Lists, later Action Plan Programs with all getting inside a Project Catalog that will have a list of all the Projects one found important and strategic for both business and personal success during the brainstorming process earlier. This great effort and comprehensive planning may seem kind of nerdy; however according to a prominent researcher on Effective Goal Setting, Dr. Edwin Locke, it produced the most motivation, success rate and improved organizational performance. (Mind, Locke’s Goal Setting Theory).

Reaching any goal does take some effort, planning and completing strategic planned action steps. We are now ready to enjoy our every day activities with great direction, motivation and zest.


Mind (2014) Goal Setting

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Snow man. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year 2014
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to those of other religious faiths. May all your productive dreams come true in the New Year 2014. May our creator continue to bless and protect our country, families and friends.

Colorado Christmas

The Bespoke Edge

hand crafted Clothing menThe tailoring profession could be traced as far back as when knights needed perfectly cut finer garments to wear under battle armor and evolved over generations to England and France with new craftmanship methods and one of a kind skills being past on from one generation to the next via apprenticeships and fashion houses well guarded signature work.
“Tailoring is the skill of fitting, cutting, designing and finishing clothes. ” (Tailoring, Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion). It is the eye and fine hand of the tailor that has over the years produced the best in fine mens clothing. A well fitted suit could help make or set apart a unique presentation and has often been part of most successful men’s wardrobe both in American and European history. The term bespoke or custom tailored meant that sections of cloths or fabrics at a tailors shop was “spoken for ” or chosen by a prior customer to be made into a finished garment. Hence came the meaning bespoke tailoring. (Ezinearticle, Kumar Dutta). Ready wear garments fell short for many in that a particular size would not fit the same arm length or varied shoulder width of most men; however did prove good for mass distributing during early years of the westward expansion. Modern day tailored clothing is making a huge comeback and communities benefit by having their very own American made tailored men’s clothing business. Custom garments and handcrafted clothing for men take into account that each individual is unique with its very own personal style for fabrics, design, and fit. Shirts and mens suits to include sport jackets are tailored to fit your body; not just an industry average. Colorado has always been striving and bringing together tradition and innovation. The Bespoke Edge is a family business that brings back a sense of style, tradition and hard work ethic in modern tailoring by bringing the talent right to your home or place of business where again the eye and skillful hand of the tailor begin the finished one of a kind custom clothing transformation. Click here to schedule consultation, Bespoke Edge Appointments

David, Alison Matthews. “Tailoring.” Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion. Ed. Valerie Steele. Vol. 3. Detroit: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2005. 261-264. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 8 Dec. 2013.
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Livermore, Colorado company named one of the top 250 companies in Colorado. Stone 2 Furniture, a locally owned and operated company established in 2003, was honored with the distinction of being named one of the top companies in Colorado by Colorado Biz. Stone 2 Furniture creates custom one-of-a-kind stone furniture that is not only functional but beautiful. The furniture is made out of sustainable and reclaimed materials that are eco-friendly.

The company is in growth mode and recently entered the Chase Mission Main Street Grant Program. The program awards grants to small businesses that are innovative, creative and growing. The program supports entrepreneurship and acknowledges the role small business plays in the economy. To qualify for consideration for a grant each company that enters must obtain 250 votes through Facebook. To learn more about the program and to vote for Stone 2 Furniture go to Mission Main Street
Vote by November 15th 2013.
Please visit website here, Stone 2 Furniture and share with your clients and families.

Denver Business Event Today Saturday is the last day for classes for Denver Start-up Week and it has been a very exciting and rewarding to see so many business leaders and members of the community across Colorado participating in the events this week. Below is a video summary and a sample of the programs that were available.
Business Personal branding presentation hosted by: Jung Park of MetroBoom at McNichols Building downtown Denver during Denver Startup Week 2013
Located at McNichols Building – 144 West Colfax Avenue
Entrepreneur and Professor Jung Park will have another presentation Saturday the last day of Denver Start-up Week 2013 starting at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Titled Bridging The Gap (BTG) in Your Professional Life
Hosted by: Jason Regier, Bridging the Gap (BTG) | Jung Park, Bridging the Gap (BTG) | Create Denver Expo
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM on Saturday, Sep 21, 2013
Located at McNichols Building – 144 West Colfax Avenue
Professor and business consultant Jung Park gave a presentation during Denver Startup Week on Monday about the importance of personal and business branding. He stated that creating a personal brand begins with discovering who you are, what you value, and ultimately your goals.

Denver Start-up Week 2013

Denver Start-up Week runs from Monday September 16th through Saturday September 21st. These events assist in bringing together business leaders from across the State; many that are passionate about growing business, their projects and the economy. Colorado has for years brought new innovations and business ideas to market and often while working with special financial organizations that assist in funding and in collaboration with entrepreneurs from other states who often take keen interest in bringing forward their products via marketing and distribution. Sign up for events at: Click here, Denver Start-up Week 2013 Events

Susan Bond“A sample of events include:
– Startup Cribs featuring CEO’s from PaySimple, Slice of Lime, TrackVia and more talking about the importance that office space plays in building startup culture and the success of their business.
– Startup Communities, Global and Local Perspectives. The Final Keynote Session, Local Entrepreneur, Chris Franks, will be moderating this heavy weight-mash up of Brad Feld, Mark Nager, Randall Stross, and David Cohen as they discuss the startup community and experience from a Global and local perspective.
– Women Who Startup, an event to celebrate, connect and empower women featuring Sue Heilbronner, Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur, Sarai Snyder, CEO of Girl Bike Love and more.
– Breaking the Glass Ceiling offering advice from early web pioneer Elaine Wood.
– CO: Built – Innovative Manufacturing Partnerships, held at Infinite Monkey Theroem, learn how startups are partnering with Fortune 500 companies to bring innovations to the market.
– A Startup Job Fair with 40 companies including: Datalogix, iTriage, LoHi Labs, Full Contact, Go spot Check, Pay Simple, PivotDesk, Rally, Ready Talk, sendGrid. SpireMedia and TrackVia.
– A Golfer in the Kitchen: Mulligans & Mac: Frank Bonanno Unplugged” (Susan Bond, 2013).

Other information provided by Susan about this exciting Denver Start-up Week event:
Denver Startup Week has attracted noted speakers and startup experts such as TechStars CEO David Cohen; Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group; Ping Identity CEO Andre Durand and Karla Tartz, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at Governor’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade; Governor Hickenlooper; Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend; Bart Lorang of FullContact and Denver’s Startup Mayor, Michael B. Hancock. To summarize the Link to sign up for events is above. Enjoy! help forge prosperity by participating and meeting other business leaders.

Main Town Center Farmer Market Local farmer markets are a way to bring farm fresh products directly to the consumers at competitive prices. Communities benefit since dollars spent get recycled several times within nearby areas thereby boosting the local economy. Today we are operating in a more crowded marketing world and direct marketing of farm products to urban areas is critical to the economic survival of agriculture and for end users continued market reach.  Traditional market methods would often call for about 80 percent of earnings to go towards paying for mass food retailing or distribution; often leaving less than 20 cents of every dollar of production to the small farmer. Today there are several effective ways of reaching consumers more economically for even big supermarkets and popular natural grocers are helping in bringing small farmers products to the public.  Local farmers markets today have become so popular that even the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has officially signed as of July 03, 2013 by its Secretary Thomas Vilsack; a National Farmers Market Week from August 4 to the 10th to help support farmers and the public access to such local farm fresh products.

The farmers market is a healthy supplement to supermarkets, saves on transportation costs, and assists in revitalizing urban areas. Also, many farmer market locations assist in bringing healthy food to people in need via governmental programs and activities sponsored with larger farms. Families enjoy participating at local farm markets and often bring their children so that they learn more about how food is grown to include learning to appreciate the hard work of its producers that help bring food to our tables. Even local chefs that prepare gourmet dishes purchase local farm market produce for their restaurants and often participate in cooking demonstrations at certain locations. Trendy urban neighborhoods have shoppers that benefit and enjoy the farmers’ market cozy atmosphere. Many after a long week of hard work like to plan week-end meals with farm fresh products to enjoy with family and friends. A great local farmer’s market event sponsored by Miller farm is taking place at Main Town Center at South Carefree and Powers Blvd in Colorado Springs, Colorado until October. For a view on some of its natural products, sponsors and farm fresh produce click here One area worth noting is that in the US direct marketing of farm and local naturally made products will continue to grow via several programs such as the farmer markets, roadside stands, community supported agriculture (CSA) farms, and pick your own operations. After all, families in Colorado and across the world craves overall better health, family special events, and prosperity that these outlets assist in providing.
Farmers Market Video Summary:

Spitzer, Theodore, and Hilary Baum. Public Markets and Community Revitalization. Washington, D.C.: Urban Land Institute and Project for Public Spaces, 1995.

Wilkins, Jennifer L. “Marketing of Food: Alternative (Direct) Strategies.” Encyclopedia of Food and Culture. Ed. Solomon H. Katz. Vol. 2. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2003. 458-461. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 13 Aug. 2013.
Document URL
h tt p://ezp X3403400402&v=2.1&u=pike&it=r&p=GVRL&sw
United States Department of Agriculture. Agricultural Marketing Service. “Farmers’ Markets.” Available a t

Colorado Springs celebrated business week with several events around El Paso County and with professional speakers experienced in growing economic activity and business in general. The goal is to bring entrepreneurs together, members across town interested in starting a business and new business owners to network together bringing enthusiasm and ideas to grow business. There were many sponsors with the better business bureau playing a major role and the main idea is to bring the business community together and provide information to include seminars and new skill sets that will grow the economy, job market and business owners’ revenue for long-term success. Most sponsors are depicted in the presentation bill board below. The representative mentioned that two out of five start-ups are being reached; however they wish to have a higher impact and reach more individuals who may need assistance.

On Thursday June 20, 2013 Small Business Week held a Social Enterprise information and educational event held at the Ivywild School in Colorado Springs. The 100-year-old former school house has been developed into one of a kind hub for Restaurants and having its very own unique brewery. The place was buzzing with excitement with many tourists to the city, business entrepreneurs and locals enjoying a nice sunny afternoon with food and refreshments. The Social Enterprise program was titled, Shifting the Paradigm and reflected how many of these enterprises give back to the community often becoming 70 to 80 % self-sufficient as time goes on. This business model does help bring back funds locally while also helping to provide employment, the recycling of items others could use and providing job experiences to help many get on their feet. Below is a brief segment of the presentation. From right to left are Jonathan Liebert of AspenPointe Enterprises, Mike Mazzola of Mountain Equipment Recyclers and Bill Morris of Blue Star Recyclers. The event was very pleasant, informative and often humorous with a warm bright sunny afternoon as the backdrop.

Sponsors Business Week

Sponsors Business Week

As time passes new economic, environmental and social business trends emerge. Most states are fortunate to have achieved huge success since their inception in creating start-ups and productive business climates over the years. This is where business succession has come into play and important to pass productive business skills to ones offspring and to other stakeholders so that neighborhoods survive well into the future. Serial entrepreneurs across the country often go into neighborhoods creating new business ideas that later once profitable sell at a margin while later moving on to other projects or start-ups. However, not every geographic location has a lot of access to venture or social capital; although many local business support type of organizations are today helping cultivate better business climates. In order to independently remain viable, successful and productive it is important for a business to pay attention to its ever changing exterior/interior environment. Here is where a yearly or every six month in house PEST analysis comes in handy. A PEST analysis helps you understand the Political; Economic, Social, and Technological changes emerging that could shape or affect your business. The big picture helps one spot opportunity’s and ways to prepare in advance from the warnings of possible threats. The analysis helps a business cope with the changes in order to survive profitably and work in new business strategies. Click here for a printable interactive template, PEST Analysis Sheet.

The PEST business tool was created by a Harvard Professor Francis Aguilar as a scanning tool he first called ETPS in his 1967 book “Scanning the Business Environment” which in reality is what the tool does very effectively but the acronym PEST was adopted instead for each of the areas being analyzed. (Mind, 2013). The tool scans for legislation, society, economic and or the environmental changes whether natural or man -made in order to make best adaptations or ensure continuation of business success. A PEST analysis helps analyze more commonly a market while a SWOT analysis looks more at the effects to a business unit, proposition or an idea. Operations management and financial services consultant Bryan Van Eaton, MBA, of North Denver and current visitor at a Colorado Springs Military Veterans job network; suggested that a personal SWOT analysis is a great tool to also analyze oneself. What does a job seeker have to offer in way of opportunities to a business and in what areas may a person need to improve? For a SWOT analysis tool click here, SWOT.
As an example, legislation is being passed for immigration reform. Many paid attention to adverse effects it could have; however it seems like it will pass congress regardless. What opportunities could be found? Well, if you are a dress shop or a home improvement company chances are that your business sales could go up. On the other hand more security measures may have to be employed by a business during the change transition adjustments until it levels off. As another example, it is observed that weather is becoming more erratic. What could a business owner foresee coming into the future in regards to his location, business model, personal affairs etc. with the erratic changes. Does local city government need to study this in order to prepare for unknown contingencies down the road and or protect local shoppers, buyers and sellers in the future from the impending changes, its possible causes and any possible weather vested interests as a contributing factor? Could a working solution or contingency plan be attained?
A PEST analysis indeed does help a business break free of unconscious assumptions at a current market, new country or planned expansion into a new region since it helps keep an objective view of its operating environment.

Areas normally considered or add your own:
• ecological/environmental current legislation
future legislation
• international legislation
regulatory bodies and processes
• government policies
• government term and change
trading policies
• funding, grants and initiatives
• home market pressure- groups
• international pressure- groups
• wars and conflicts

a- home economy
b- economy trends
c- overseas economies
d- general taxation
e- taxation specific to product/services
f- seasonality issues
g- market/trade cycles
h- specific industry factors
i- market routes trends
j- distribution trends
k- customer/end-user drivers
l- interest/ exchange rates
m- international trade and monetary issues

a- lifestyle trends
b- demographics
c- consumer attitudes and opinions
d- media views
e- law changes affecting social factors
f- brand, company, technology image
g- consumer buying patterns
h- fashion and role models
i- major events and influences
j- buying access and trends
k- ethnic/religious factors
l- advertising and publicity
m- ethical issues
a- competing technology development
b- research funding
c- associated/dependent technologies
d- replacement technology/solutions
e- maturity of technology
f- manufacturing maturity and capacity
g- information and communications
h- consumer buying mechanisms/technology
i- technology legislation
j- innovation potential
k- technology access, licensing, patents
l- intellectual property issues
m – Global communications

Local Colorado Government

Local Colorado Government

Is city government to include employment access and assets incrementally being sold to foreign entities to pave an easier way towards total globalism and later a future centralized form of government? What are the risks towards the local citizens when these global entities look after their own bottom line and not to the well being of the community at large? Their lack of loyalty and poor performance records are already quite evident all across the world and surprisingly written daily in their own well managed media. Profit is always the top concern for most if not all of the biggest corporations have poor performance records towards the concerns of others. Today, it is alarming to see that many are also buying out incrementally areas of local city government; the last form of defense for local citizens to protect themselves. A case in point was the recent special vote by the President (top tier leadership in government) in favor of Monsanto that no one could sue them even if people drop on the ground from damaged livers or whatever else. That my friends is not government but a growing fascist society not at all founded by our existing form of government, a Constitutional Republic. This is just plain abuse towards the citizenry.

City for Sale Major abuses and lack of oversight is occurring all over the world. Just look at the created calamities that will be transferring most assets such as land (for Agenda 21), food supply (control of what grows or gets sold) and power (i.e. government seats being bought by special interests with hands in the till).Today on the radio waves we learn that some of our city workers will be outsourced. This is either a bad joke or an insult to the public for never mind production being outsourced but now we even outsource city employees? The public needs to pay attention for many of these very same global entities are the very same ones responsible for causing many disruptions in European countries and their economies.
This is America and we must stand up for our liberties and rights to protect ourselves from harm. City government is supposed to be representative of the people and protect the interests of the local public not that of the global auction block. What is happening across the world economically is plain lawlessness and after Europe has been basically collapsed from within by poor policies; now they wish to bring the same recipe for disaster and nonsense to our country. I had to call mayor Back’s office early this morning for this has to be discussed and documented for there are many areas of blatant disregard in the US economy. Our dollar and economy could collapse under existing bad policies. The theory out there is that perhaps deliberately to make way for the new so call deal carbon credits (wireless meters a step) as a form of exchange making way for Technocracy which in Italy and Greece has already been implemented with appointed Technocrats. Click here, Technocrat Appointed Officials. Sounds nuts? well it is and we are a Constitutional Republic which is being slowly charmed to change under stealth and machinations to take away our existing representative of the people form of government. Since April of 2010 the US can no longer elect the President of the World Bank due to cheating and double entries with the so call in charge global economic participants. Yet, today they wish to take away Tricare Prime making retirees pay and go to standard which many local clinics do not like to use etc. and we have about 22 soldiers committing suicide daily many who may not get their Tricare Prime privileges as they now exist. This is why we must be vigilant and vote out of office those who no longer wish to run for office to serve the people but to serve special interests. Why is the Press Losing the Trust of the American People? Click here, Information by Karen Hudes a US female attorney for 21 years at World Bank.
I see a dark future for us and for America. This is why I had to write this and to document that the new outsourcing could be just one more incremental step in us losing our City government. As business leaders we cannot ignore certain facts or turn a blind eye to what is taking place in our communites and economy. World Bank attorney Karen Hudes testified that she had to come forward since the corruption was growing worse and she foresaw that many people across the world could go hungry, millions could lose their retirements and that even investors finances would be at risk. She suffered some retaliation but reported it for more information click here, Karen Karen also noted that we must decentralize the media for its centralized and real information is not getting to the public placing the world at risk to benefit the personal interests of the few.
Checks & balances in government along with the rule of law with citizens oversight and votes is what keeps our economy and country in balance protected from self declared power hungry Autocrats or their appointed (Technocrats). Our local government, neighborhoods and our country are not for sale.

Verizon products and services Cell phone and related wireless services have evolved over time with new front runners taking the lead. According to Consumers Reports cell phone service analysis and consumer feedback from across the states, Verizon is leading in performance. It has made its way to the top tier and still reinventing itself for a more strategic market reach. In January 2013 it made top choice for smart phones among other major carriers. It stood out most significantly for data service and quality in product service delivery. These attributes are considered the most important considerations for Smart Phone users. (Consumer Reports, 2013) How did this giant leap forward occur? Verizon has been using strategies normally employed by small business into their corporate structure. This serves as a reminder for everyone to keep “sharpening the saw”. One must keep striving and moving forward in good or in challenging times. (Stephen Covey, 2007)
Most companies would benefit by setting some time aside each month for Research and Development (R&D). In the case of Verizon it never stopped thinking about innovation and business development strategies. In addition, it continued to keep active involvement between all members of the organization and interaction across all functions. According to author Lorri Freifeld, Verizon employed active interactions and feedback about their products between employees, independent contractors and franchisees via annual training and ongoing open communication. (Lorri Freifeld Lorri, Verizon’s #1 Calling). Another strategy was to get immediate feedback from consumers’ right from the sales floor. Leadership development is their favorite term since it involves all the active participants (stakeholders) across the entire product cycle interacting actively with each other. Each member has an important role. This area has been an oversight for some companies that just focus on the marketing then on the sales often forgetting to continue to care for their products, services, consumers and employees across the entire product cycle. Marketing dollars often go out the window when not enough genuine attention is given during the entire product and sales cycle. To summarize, we could see firsthand that Verizon has come a long way and consumers are enjoying it every step of the way. In rating cell service by city it came on top of all major US cities and just second for the city of Chicago. (Consumer Reports, 2013, pg. 37). Consumer Reports has an online service for those who wish to learn more about the ratings and also the local public library has publications available.
Article by Theresa Nielsen. BA Entrepreneurial Studies.

Consumer Reports. (2013) Smart Phones. Retrieved from Consurmer January 2013.
Freifeld, Lorri. (2013). Verizon’s #1 Calling. Retrieved from
Stephen R. Covey. (1989). The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. New York: Free Press

A summary small video presentation of the Sunday March 24, 2013 Food & Wine Expo hosted by the Colorado Restaurant Association in which Restaurant owners, Chefs from Colorado and attendees came to celebrate the Pikes Peak 18th Food & Wine Expo at the Broadmoor Hotel. It was a great networking event and a chance for individuals in the community to learn more about local fine dining and entertainment.

Colorado Makes Great Salsa, Pars Natural Foods

Colorado Makes Great Salsa, Par”s Natural Foods

Colorado makes great salsa at the heart of Pueblo Colorado with Par’s Natural Foods. The company has Preserves, dip mixes and to include dry rubs; however two of their most popular products are the pickled vegetables or Torshi named Hannah (a spicy Chile Torshi Salsa) excellent as a dip or as a compliment with your steak, hamburger, lamb, or seafood and the Hailey (a spicy eggplant salsa) both very nutritious and delicious. To learn more about their salsa and recipes visit their website here at

Pueblo is a growing community and economy. Supporting Colorado growers, chefs and grocers helps bring prosperity to our region. Peter Beizaee says that food is a great way to share and enjoy with people. “I hope you enjoy my products, they are made with love from my family to yours.
Happy Eating….
-Peter Beizaee
Chef and Certified Food Processor (Par’s Natural, 2013).
Par’s Natural Foods and Salsas are:
* Made with Natural Products
* No Preservatives
* No Additives
* Vegan/Vegetarian
* Gluten Free
* Fully Certified
Best of all Made With small_heart in Colorado (Peter Beizaee, 2013).
Above image (Pars Natural, 2012).

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Growing Colorado companies meet supply and demand by creating and providing natural body products that excel in quality, efficacy, and that are wholesome via natural high quality ingredients. Today many companies strive to provide products that are made with natural ingredients that do not have fillers, emulsifiers, or artificial additives and only with bio-actives that help restore the skin and whole body care to health.
It takes great dedication and commitment to originate products that are close to nature and at the same time responsible to the external environment yet rewarding when the public responds by the growing market sales. The positive response helps expand supply for what the public values in wellness and ensures that many of these products will continue to be available for many years to come and at even better prices. There is great innovation and new research conducted by many US companies across the country. A few are featured below.
Mychelle Dermaceuticals skin care Mychelle Dermaceuticals- “MyChelle began with a passion as pure and natural as the Rocky Mountains. Founded in Colorado 12 years ago, MyChelle Dermaceuticals’ singular obsession has been to create the most effective, nontoxic skin care products in the country. Today, MyChelle is the #1 brand of facial skin care in the natural products industry simply because our products deliver powerful, quick and visible results without using nasty ingredients or toxic chemicals”.(, 2012).
Pangea organic Skin care at Whole FoodsPangea Organics- “Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Pangea Organics was founded on the principle belief that together, we can create a new, more sustainable future. We, for example, have chosen to help do so one bottle, bar and jar at a time. We are a small, independent manufacturer of organic body care. But more than that, we are a community of like-minded people who believe in creating products that help rather than harm at every stage of their lifecycle…” (, 2012).
Acure Argan oil Acure- “Acure Organics is a family owned and operated company founded on sustainable principles to provide the highest quality fair trade, natural and certified organic personal care products. Our products are created with great care and are a reflection of our values. Each of our products is free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives and artificial colors… We thank you for sharing in our mission to have a positive impact on the world we live in.” Florida. (, 2012).

Roofing Colorado Springs and PuebloA professional roofing company with many years of service such as PPP Roofing assists in building long-lasting roofs and helps repair damaged ones with strong innovative materials. The roof on your home or commercial property is the first line of defense against harsh environmental weather conditions. For a consultation or roofing contract analysis for your building or home roof repair call Ed Fredrickson who served in the Marines during the early part of his career and today as a roofer comes highly recommended by many clients serviced both in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
Edward J. Fredrickson-719-924- 0111
Roofing Project Representative
PPP Roofing, Inc.
2648 Mc Cormick Ave.
Pueblo, CO 81001
(719) 543-3501 Pueblo Office
(719) 634-6053 Colorado Springs Office
1-800-481-3501 Toll Free
(719) 543-5586 Fax

Colorado Roofing

Colorado Roofing

• Residential Roofing Services
• Commercial Roofing
• Roof Repairs & Maintenance
• Roof Consulting
• Hail damage assessments
• Metal retrofit systems
• Rubber roofs
• Steel trusses
• Steel studs
• Hot tar & gravel
roofing in Colorado

roofing company Colorado

Colorado Springs Roofing Services

Sexy dress by Autumn Teneyl Designs-a mountain-chic fashion design company

Autumn Teneyl Designs-a mountain-chic fashion design company

Colorado Fashion Company, Autumn Teneyl Designs is on a mission to empower women to develop skills & confidence to succeed while creating eco-chic fashion.
Connie Cook
Autumn Teneyl Designs is a mountain-chic, homegrown cottage industry fashion design company based out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. ATD is committed to an ethical and eco-conscious model in all areas of the business with a main focus of keeping all garments made in the U.S.A. As an advocate for the environment and the human condition, Autumn devotes time and revenue to such causes year-round. In addition to a sew house in Denver, Autumn has begun working with a regional women’s cooperative sew house, Southwest Creations Collaborative, which began in 1994 and has been driven by an ambitious social mission: to alleviate poverty and build economic opportunity across generations. They provide dignified employment to women from low-income communities, education opportunities and on-site childcare, while engaging employees and their families in improving skills and capacity as leaders. Their mission is aligned with the mission and philosophies of Autumn Teneyl Designs, making it a logical pairing with heart. Every garment is still handmade with pride and dignity and the momentum of Autumn Teneyl Designs continues to intensify while always remaining true to the essence of the company: making women look and feel beautiful. Visit to learn more about the campaign to empower small business women entrepreneurs committed to keeping made in the U.S.A alive.

Organizational Culture

Many new large corporations and their franchises are moving into small towns often affecting and displacing the workers from the small business independent sector. It would be polite if many would have some compassion for the lives of those living in these communities as they work to expand and remember that after all it is the people in the public and their workers that will or not maintain their operating success. A large company may have huge funding, fancy marketing materials, prime locations and advertisements but if its organizational culture if predatory, irresponsible, selfish and negative out just for gains; then in the long-run it will fail.

What is organizational culture? The atmosphere in how it mostly acts towards its workers on a daily basis and consequently its public via its reflection. A more formal definition, “…is the system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within an organization and guides the behavior of its members.” (Schermerhorn, 2008, pg. 364). The collective experience of the workers, owners and managers allows for internal and external adaptation that ensures enduring survival issues for remaining successfully in business. The daily goals and working together productively become better aligned when there is reciprocal respect, consideration and a positive organizational culture, one which is not based on fear or uncertainty.
For example, if clients see new workers constantly and dissatisfied confused looking employees thereafter, then it will not in the long term succeed but profit mostly in the short term. Many corporations do tend to focus at their short term view for many sell out their shares to other investors for early more profitable exit not thinking that communities exist in a more committed fixed environment. There has to be some since of responsibility and respect for not just the workers but the public and communities who may suffer when workers get displaced or fail to meet financial obligations due to cut backs or chicanery.

In conclusion, as growing power is harnessed and the economy tends to tank many of these power business players tend to start disregarding workers as if a dime a dozen at a time when they are most vulnerable and almost without failure cut all or most of their benefits. One must keep civility and not lose sight at the rights of the workers and also for respect towards the other members in the community that are normally being served. No one should be subjected to humiliating disregard. There has to be a balance in the market and respect for individuals to include other small business owners. If and when a small business tries to keep a positive relationship with a large corporation by acknowledging them but later gets disregarded in a disturbing manner to include the workers and as a worker then a huge problem does exist. Many corporations as of late are going out of control and doing whatever in the name of pure profits; especially with their powerful market reach funding. It is very important to allow small business to thrive and co-exist among the giants, for it is small business that helps assist local communities in staying vital and thriving. Long after corporations jump ship out of the country; it is the small business sector staying behind that has to pick up the pieces in keeping a town functioning and with hope at finding something to live on.
As of late trends in the displacement of American workers continues. Massage Envy switched ownership and workers at Rockrimmon were asked to sign new paper work without telling them there would be changes to their pay. Few weeks passed since transfer and employees left to try and figure out what would be going on and new workers hired in break room came under the impression they would earn 26 to $30.00 an hour but surprised to see how slowly in volume it was to meet. Many existing employees have financial monthly obligations which they depend on their salaries to meet and now will fail. Two or three workers affected due to changes may not have enough to cover their monthly household rent. Only when they received their pay stubs did they discover that their salary would be different based only when there is a client. Some thought that at least their chances may increase with new Ads etc, but co. also hired totally new workers further dividing their chances at meeting their productivity goal to earn the better hourly rate. Why not a quick formal professional compassionate meeting? How about just speaking to the group while at break room in a positive tone, like hey everything will be fine; please lets show new hired how great we are???. Hmmn. One of the new hired workers just as confused as existing workers declined the new job and some workers accused as being the cause for the new hire exit. A paper trail like an accusation against existing workers for the new hire leaving was started to be formulated by manager while all along this negative non- empathetic highly distant of the workers needs organizational culture which has been there for a long time with skin clinic not being able to take-off productively for new employees end up having to leave. Was this an excuse to just let existing workers go? Did existing workers contributed by discussing the facts or existing circumstances for confused since competing for whatever hours they could end- up with? Is best to walk away from negative environments and this is a most disturbing trend growing across the US and a story that needed to be told.
Dex Online another Corporation leaving workers confused and in this case going out of the country to outsource jobs which people need right here to support their families that if one looks at their other investments to include being part of Defense contractor Carlyle Group, LLC one would clearly see that money could not be the excuse but just bottom line nickel and diming profit. Enough said, hopefully individuals open their eyes to what is happening to America’s workers.
Schermerhorn, J., Hunt, J., & Osborn,R. (2008). Organizational Behavior tenth edition. Jefferson City: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Sports Season Local Salsa

From the first throw of a ball by school children and leading all the way to the joy by many for professional football no one can dispute the great preparation by many in coming up with great snacks to enjoy during sport events. The key is to prepare snacks that are not just tasty but also delicious and nutritious. One does not have to go as far back as the 1890’s during the start for the fascination in football, to first learn about the joy in spending great quality time with family and friends. (, History of Football). Today, families still work together and find time for sports or special events. One such family took working together a step further and started supplying their friends and neighbors with their delicious nutritious family recipe salsa and soon when more orders started to come in they decided to come up with their Ugly dawg Salsa to distribute to market. “Blake’s Ugly Dawg Salsa started as a 23 year old family recipe. The family gathered each fall in September to make their yearly supply using the best Colorado roasted pueblo chilies and other fresh ingredients”. (, 2012).
Their products can be found at your local Whole Foods market. There are many recipes available by the company in addition to serving their natural delicious salsa with great chips. Also, some come in a gift pack and to witness first hand you could visit from time to time the ugly family Grandpa at your local TCF bank which has business showings about once a month for local business owners. In closing, enjoy this one healthy chicken and salsa recipe below and remember that salsa is also very delicious with eggs and breakfast potatoes:

ugly dawg Salsa available at Whole Foods Market

Ingredients: 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
4 teaspoons of taco seasoning mix
1 Cup of Salsa
1 Cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
2 tablespoons of sour cream (Optional but yummy)
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C)
2. Place chicken breasts in a lightly greased 9×13 inch baking dish. Sprinkle taco seasoning on both sides of chicken breasts, and pour salsa over all. (Added note: if the chicken is browned in a frying pan the cooking time could be cut in half depending on oven).
3. Bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 25 to 35 minutes, or until chicken is tender and juicy and its juices run clear.
4. Sprinkle chicken evenly with cheese, and continue baking for an additional 3 to 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. Top with sour cream if desired, and serve. Enjoy. (All, Salsa Chicken).

References: Salsa Chicken. Retrieved from Football History. Retrieved from Pictorial: History of Ugly-Dawg Salsa. Retrieved from
article by Theresa Nielsen, Publisher and Online Marketing Manager.

The Olympic training center in Colorado Springs is open to visitors throughout the year and helps train some of the world’s best athletes. 2012 is the perfect year to celebrate and recommit to achieving fitness excellence. Participation in sporting events and attending athletic games helps a community grow stronger and healthier. Families and business owners that take time out for exercising and relaxation perform better at the work place, exhibit more endurance and display more optimism. It’s great to schedule time out for fun and family in addition to work. Enjoy your local sports, outdoor activities and inspiring wellness centers in between busy work schedules. Enjoy each day. Denver is among the top 10 fittest cities in America. (Consumer, 2011). The coming 2012 Olympics games serves as an inspiration to us all. Colorado is a great part of that conversation and one of the top fit states in the nation.

News. Consumer (2011). What is the Fittest City in the US?

What Exactly is SOPA/PIPA?

Internet helps grow business worldwide.

What exactly is a SOPA/PIPA? Well, it is a legislation that if passed restricts how we use the internet today. SOPA is Stop Online Piracy Act and the other, Protect IP Act.
Corporate supporters of Senate 968 (PIPA) and HR 3261 (SOPA) demand the ability to take down any web site (including craigslist, Wikipedia, or Google) that hurts their profits — without prior judicial oversight or due process  — in the name of combating online piracy.

At a time when our economy needs more job creation and dialogue with business communications; in comes more legislation adding to the many others as of late affecting the small business sector. There are many reasons not to allow any kind of interference with the internet which is one of the very few sectors still able to grow the dwindling economy due to the many years of non-stop business outsourcing. Twitter here has a small short video explaining the possible negative effects that these 2 pieces of legislations may pose on liberties of expression and potential loss to business. Here,

Imagine if no one could have had dialogue in ideas or even sketches about MS-DOS the initial computer operating system? Thanks to many people adding to the conversation to include the young Bill Gates and other techs supporters; they kept building on the existing until they came up with Windows which today we still are able to enjoy. Imagine if they had to be constantly worried about being chased by legislators or bureaucrats that sit on governmental offices worldwide harnessing their power against their drawings, writings or liberty at exchanging information on the existing? Thanks to our free enterprise system Apple computers came along which increased productivity and today many business owners use both windows and Apple since Apple serves really good in some areas and Windows still has its purposes for other projects. If we start taking away the ability to allow some room for tweaking existing ideas then life as we know may stagnate and this has never resulted in a better more efficient society.

It is refreshing to see that not all corporations are supporting these invasive legislations which goes to say that America in general does have corporations that do see the light and try their best to practice true corporate social responsbility and not just via a plaque on the wall. After all, many of these corporations started as small businesses’ and know full well the importance for the small business sector to succeed and innovate. The market benefits when corporations and small businesses’ keep some balance between each other and not allowing just one side to take all advantage or control over the other; since in the end that model could produce a society where only the big fish remain striking on each other with no new entrants to re-establish balance into the market.
Article by Theresa Nielsen-Independent publisher-Graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies at Grand Canyon University.
References: (2011). About Sopa. Retrieved January 18, 2011
from (2011).End Piracy, Not Liberty. Retrieved January
18, 2011 from (2011). What is SOPA/PIPA?
Retrieved January 18, 2012 from (2011). Windows History. Retrieved from

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

This Christmas season Sallie and Welling Clark hosted a family Holiday Open House at their vacation bed & breakfast Inn Holden House near Manitou Springs, Colorado. The vacation Inn is near fine dining, historic sites, unique gift shops and Colorado area attractions. All the guests at the open house enjoyed their hospitality, Christmas cheer and story book style Victorian Homes while listening to great piano music and friendly conversation with incoming visitors. Enjoy a safe and joyful Christmas. Colorado offers excellent places to vacation in addition to its great ski resorts and colorful mountains.

Cute song below by Nitty Gritty Dirt band, Colorado Christmas.

Excellent winter landscapes with George Michael all time favorite Last Christmas song-

Merry Christmas and enjoy your Holiday Season with Family and friends.
Take quality time out to enjoy with family and friends for it is very important and lets make the New Year 2012 the best ever for our enterprises and business.

JobTaskForceDuring job Renaissance attendees discussed trade issues and a summary of the events held that day sent via News Release below:
COALITION FOR A PROSPEROUS AMERICA700 12th Street NW, Suite 700 – Washington, DC 20005 | 615 Boardman Street – Sheffield, MA 01257
Tel: 413.854.2580 | fax: 413.895.5355
E-mail: | website:

News Release
November 4, 2011
Colorado Springs, CO
~ State economic leaders gathered in Colorado Springs yesterday for Jobs Renaissance to discuss how to revitalize Colorado’s economy and create jobs. Attendees included elected officials, representatives from government economic development agencies and councils, local businesses, labor and agriculture. After a deliberative process, attendees said that reforming trade policy (to export more than we import) and fixing our tax system were the fundamental priorities in job creation.
“Colorado Springs has been hard hit by the recession,” said Frank Shannon, Chair of the Colorado Chapter of CPA. “State and local community, business and economic leaders want to do the best for their region. After considering issues of regulation, credit, trade, and tax, the group decided fixing trade policy, to become a net exporting nation, was the number one issue for Colorado and the country. The majority believed that smart tax reform should include consideration of a value added tax (VAT) or other device to combat foreign VAT’s and improve U.S. trade competitiveness.”
Speakers Fred Crowley (Associate Director of Southern Colorado Economic Forum, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) informed the group that the Colorado Springs region lost 54 percent of its manufacturing and technology jobs since 2000. He projected both an increased population and increased unemployment unless major new job creation was achieved. He expressed concern that the city is heavily dependent on military (60%) expenditures and manufacturing now contributes a very small percentage to the economy. With impending cuts in military budgets, the city will suffer greatly without some reforms and primary employment increase.
Karl Dakin (Senior Fellow, DaVinci Institute; Executive Director, Sullivan Chair for Free Enterprise, Regis University) discussed the fact that inadequate access to capital has prevented Colorado small businesses from creating more jobs. Dakin leads the Colorado Capital Congress which is helping find solutions for this problem.
Ian Fletcher (Senior Economist for the Coalition for a Prosperous America) informed the audience that America’s lack of a coherent strategy on trade, and the flawed assumption that other countries engage in “free trade”, is causing record trade deficits, offshoring of most industries, and substantial job losses. Mr. Fletcher touched upon foreign currency manipulation and foreign value added taxes as elements that contributed to the US trade deficit.
Jonita Le Roy, from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, told attendees that the Governor’s office is following the proceedings and is interested in the outcome.
Attendees split into small groups to discuss the material presented and decided by a majority vote that their two top priorities for economic recovery were trade and tax reform. Volunteers formed a task force to follow up and assist in the formulation of a written statement of agreement to be used for future advocacy with public officials.
Jobs Renaissance was hosted by The Coalition for a Prosperous America. Sponsoring organizations included: * Integrity Manufacturing * Stockmens Bank * Kurt Manufacturing * Flying Horse Realty * Qualtek Manufacturing * Ranch Foods Direct * Roosters Men’s Grooming Center * Colorado Capital Congress * KINEO Manufacturing * Finishes, Ltd. * Springs Fabrication * The New American Colonies * REMCO * Westar Systems * La Plata Communities * The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce * Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation * America’s Got Product
CPA is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of 2.7 million households through our agricultural, manufacturing and labor members.

A few videos on the November 3rd 2011 community and business leaders Economic Forum. The economic forum was a business strategy dialogue to discuss ways to improve the economy, manufacturing, trade and employment sector. If you have any other business ideas to improve our economy please be part of the conversation.
US Trade Policy and Colorado Local Economy

Others will follow shortly after another event on Colorado Film Industry.

Part I-The business leaders’ forum on November 3, 2011 was a truly amazing educational event. It is great to see so many Colorado dedicated business owners, educators and business leaders from the region having a great dialogue about situations affecting business growth, employment opportunities and trade issues that affect our local retail and manufacturing base. The speaker here in part two is also Fred Crowley.
Fred Crowley-
Associate Research Professor
Senior Instructor and Director of Southern Colorado Economic Forum
Fred Crowley is a Senior Instructor in the College of Business in the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He has been the Senior Economist for the Southern Colorado Economic Forum in the College of Business since September 2001. He is also the Forum’s Associate Director. Colorado should be so proud of having so many dedicated business leaders who took time out from their busy schedules to discuss and strategize business issues affecting business in general and our US economy.

To understand more about how trade is actually working vs. what the name given to the system implies, that it is “free-trade” and therefore great for America and US business; let’s analyze or review the presentation by Ian Fletcher who wrote the book, Free Trade Doesn’t Work. This is of course a dialogue and research into the matter in view that our Nation is having many financial challenges while also losing thousands of manufacturing and production jobs. Education and research into the trade subject will help lead to your very own conclusions and hopefully help strategize how to best succeed more effectively in present and future business.
Ian Fletcher is Senior Economist of the Coalition for a Prosperous America, a nationwide grass-roots organization dedicated to fixing America’s trade policies and comprising representatives from business, agriculture, and labor. His book, Free Trade Doesn’t Work (2011 edition) could be found on Ian was a previous Research Fellow at the U.S. Business and Industry Council, and before that, an economist in private practice serving hedge funds and private equity firms. Part of his presentation follows below.

Part 2 with some concluding remarks:

Some personal observations: The model of free-trade was never updated to adapt to the new world stage such as changes in legislations, banking etc. For example our currency was backed by Gold but today money is printed by fiat (electronic numbers going in and out) so production or labor is not following the input-output like when one of us works for 8 hours Actual money would be paid to the worker for that shift in production. The Federal Reserve fractional reserve banking system prints IOU’s or money that is not backed equally by gold reserve nor did it follow actual work output so deficit gets out of hand when funds get printed for a project but not backed by work actually produced to back it up as it happens and makes trade problems worse. This is why some believe in free-trade and try to change our banking system so as to produce actual money backed by gold or audits for real work production. The fiat system has gotten out of hand when money not backed by actual work or is used for pet projects, going to places that most tax payers and producers cannot even track nor comprehend were it is going. As of now trillions have been vaporizing, jobs have been lost, manufacturing is almost gone and the entire problem is NOT sustainable. This is why so many may not understand how trade is actually working and may believe in the fantasy of a convenient given keyword that we could have free-trade when we do not have a sound monetary system nor real free-trade. Since reform may never happen for many in congress along with top lobby or politicians love the existing Fed way of working in order to keep printing away then the US definetely needs to have some new workable trade reform to assist the producing sector of our economy; if not then we perish in the long-term as the charts showed during the forum. Also we are harmonizing our sovereign laws that protect our food and product quality supplies. In the current dysfunctional trade model since we have to harmonize with foreign trade WTO directives we could lose our access to Vitamins (under Codex Alimentarious), our food supply integrity since China violated food labels and clean food growth rules and many US multinationals are abandoning the interests and integrity of the American people for pure abundant profits and many tweaking food and bio engineering with GMO’s. DNA alterations, Genetic engineering often bypassing the will of the average American citizen and becoming increasingly too powerful which could lead down the road to a central totalitarian system that could lead to the loss of liberties, health, family values and yes even what is left of our free-enterprise system since only few selectives worldwide will be the beneficiaries. Its great to profit, earn a living and conduct business; however it has to help all stakeholders and not risking our future posterity, the life of our children and at the expense of our ability to live in harmony with our business’s and Nation.

Colorado business leaders interested in participating in a job creation strategy forum and troubleshooting dialogue in how we could grow a stronger Colorado economy, effective production and employment outlook please attend by reserving a seat Clicking here, Revitalizing regional, state and the U.S. economy Jobs Forum.

Business Leaders Forum

November 3, 2011
11:30a to 1:30p

$25, includes lunch

Gaylord Hall
Worner Center
Colorado College Campus
902 N. Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Attendees will discuss solutions including:
* Job creation in Colorado, best strategies
* Revitalizing manufacturing
* National trade policy
* Gaining access to credit for small and mid-sized businesses
Cosponsoring organizations include:
* Coalition for a Prosperous America, Colorado Chapter
* Colorado NFIB
* Stockmens Bank
* Kurt Manufacturing
* Flying Horse Realty
* Qualtek Manufacturing
* Springs Fabrication

• Fred Crowley, Director of Southern Colorado Economic Forum, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
• Karl Dakin, Senior Fellow, DaVinci Institute; Executive Director, Sullivan Chair for Free Enterprise, Regis University
• Ian Fletcher, Senior Economist, Coalition for a Prosperous America

Invite contact by e-mail notification from Co Chair of Steering Committee.
” It is time for state and local leaders to come together and develop a plan on how to create jobs, revitalize manufacturing and increase economic growth. This is a genuine leadership summit. Participants will work together to evaluate economic development strategies and decide which strategies are the top priorities for revitalizing the regional, state and the U.S. economy. Leaders will also plan how to work together to advance their chosen priorities with political leaders and policy makers.” (Frank Shannon, 2011, Chair of CO Steering Committee)

Frank Shannon, Chair of CO Steering Committee, Coalition for a Prosperous America Colorado Chapter
(Image, 2011,Greatlakesconferencing)

More information on trade, employment and manufacturing could be found at:
700 12th Street NW, Suite 700 – Washington, DC 20005 | 615 Boardman Street – Sheffield, MA 01257
Tel: 413.854.2580 | fax: 413.895.5355
Email: | website:

News from a Dayton Ohio Conference:

News Release
October 7, 2011Dayton, OH ~ over one hundred twenty (120) leaders gathered in Dayton today to discuss how to revitalize American production, grow the economy and create jobs. Attendees included representatives from government economic development agencies and councils, manufacturing, accounting, labor and agriculture. After a long deliberative process, the Greater Dayton economic leaders said that reforming trade policy (to balance trade) and fixing our tax system were the fundamental priorities in job creation.
Attendees voted to send a request to Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, to allow a vote on the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act (HR 639) which would offset foreign government currency manipulation that artificially subsidizes imports to this country.
“Dayton is an innovation and manufacturing hub,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America. “Local leaders want to do the best for their region. After considering issues of regulation, banking, trade, tax and energy, they decided that balancing trade and tax reform were the top two core priorities.”
Speakers included Charles Blum (former assistant U.S. Trade Representative; President, IAS Group) who spoke about currency and tax issues; Pat Choate (author and former vice presidential candidate) who spoke about foreign state capitalism and how to create massive new employment; Marilyn Landis (financial consultant) who spoke about small business access to credit; and Clyde Prestowitz (President, Economic Strategies Institute; former Department of Commerce official) who spoke about successful past U.S. manufacturing strategies. Additionally, Rep. Steve Austria spoke about his views on fixing the economy. Governor Buddy Roemer (GOP presidential candidate) gave a keynote address highlighting the trade deficit as a major problem that America must solve to be great again.
“Participants were Republican, Democrat and Independent,” said Stumo. “They were unified in wanting to act immediately and request that Speaker Boehner schedule a floor vote on the pending Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act of 2011 (HR 639). We will send a letter to the Speakers office next week in furtherance of their decision.”
Nearly one-third of those participating signed up for a Task Force to continue their work and provide leadership to policy makers to fix Ohio’s and America’s economy. Nan Whaley, Dayton City Commissioner, will chair that task force.
The Coalition for a Prosperous America is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of 2.7 million households through our agricultural, manufacturing and labor members.

Local Food brought to Market

Business owners, members of the community and growers are gathering to celebrate Local Food Week starting September 17 to the 24th in several locations around town in Colorado Springs with schedules below by offering classes, samples, information, music, art and of course great local food. It is really awesome to see so many business leaders taking charge for the wellness of our community and economy in producing, growing, educating and sharing with local families’ great food and local products.
These activities are great for families to get to learn more about how some of their favorite foods are grown, learn about healthy yet easy to make recipes that are excellent for working families and to get to know their neighboring local farmers who often work very hard from dawn to dusk in order to bring with pride their appetizing and colorful bounty.
Local food events are also excellent for children for they get to learn about the importance of caring for the soil, plants and animals that form part of farming and home gardening environments. They also get to appreciate via the varied and vibrant colors how green and yellow vegetables are not just appealing to the eye as in art but also important for health and energy. Some activities scheduled for children include hand painting or painting shapes with bright colors on paper. For adults there are several classes, food tasting, music and even a movie hosted to benefit Care and Share programs. It makes me extremely proud to see so many members of the community here in Colorado Springs coming together to embrace local products among the other choices that have been available. Thanks for supporting your Colorado small business owners, producers, and growers to include all the farmers across the state and in particular for their dedication and commitment to all families across the plains. Article and image by Publisher, Theresa Nielsen

    Celebrating Local Food Week Activities

Information below provided by Event Page-
The purpose of the Local Food week is to educate the public about the farmers and ranchers who grow food in this region as well as inform the public as to where they can access locally produced food. It is a week filled with educational events, restaurant specials and entertainment.
Local Food Week 2011 Schedule of Events
Look for restaurant specials at Adams Mountain Cafe, Pizzeria Rustica and Tapateria. Additional restaurants will be serving local specials, so watch for more information.
Saturday, September 17
Colorado Farm and Art Market, 9am-1pm, The Margarita at Pinecreek, just off I-25 and Woodmen
Dueling Chef Challenge: 11am at the Margarita at Pine Creek
9:30am Watch Chef Heather of Change! Personal Chef Services battle chef Hethyr Pletsch of Everyday Gourmet
Colorado in a farmers market shopping and cooking challenge to create the most scrumptious dish using market ingredients.
Most Unusual Variety Competition: 10:30am at the Margarita at Pine Creek
Bring your weirdest, coolest vegetables to the Info Booth at 3pm on Wednesday, 9/14 or 9am on 9/17. The crowd will vote for their favourite entry and results will be compiled from the two days’ entries to determine who will win a gift basket of local goodies!
For the Kids: Make a Mr. or Mrs. Zucchini-Head creation! Donations of LARGE Zucchini needed!

Canning Demonstration Class, 10am, Ranch Foods Direct, $15 gets you your reservation and Ranch Foods
Please call them at 719-473-2306 or visit- Hungry Chicken Homestead.

Sunday, September 18
Hands-on Cheese Making: 8:15am-12:30pm
Learn to milk the goat and then produce ricotta, mozzarella and cheese. After, indulge in a farm-fresh brunch and take home samples of what you created. Located on Colorado Springs West Side, these classes are discounted from $75 to $50 just for Local Food Week. Limit of six people per class. Register with Lindsey: (719) 651-9819, more info: The Goat Cheese Lady Classes.
HUG’s Local Food Tours and Classes, 1-4pm, Harrison Urban Garden
Learn what Live-Well and Cooking Matters are doing to provide food and education to the community. Come explore with hands-on nutrition activities; tour the gardens and get growing advice; meet “Bessie” the cow; watch cooking demonstrations (1:30 – Gadzooks, Got Zukes?, 2:30 Cooking with Fresh Herbs and Spices, 3:30 – Kid-friendly Garden Recipes); and learn about Bestway’s composting programs. More info: Becky Mares: (719) 528-1247, x406,

Tuesday, September 20
Join Bonnie Simon of Hungry Chicken Homestead for this hands-on water bath canning class to safely can your local produce for use all year long. Learn how to can safely, the role of salt and sugar, and pickling. We’ll can locally harvested produce. Everyone will go home with a jar of produce, information resources for future canning projects, and inspiration! Contact Bonnie at for information.
Farm-fresh Dinner, 6pm, Pizzeria Rustica, $39 plus tax/tip for 4 courses and 4 wines
Locally-sourced ingredients featuring products from the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers and Colorado wines. Also visit for more info or reservations.

Wednesday, September 21
Front Range BBQ Care and Share/Peak to Plains Fundraiser, 7pm until the dancing is done, 2330 W. Colorado Avenue
Join us for live music, a pass the piggy to collect for Care and Share’s programs and beer specials to benefit Peak to Plains Alliance’s work in community education about local food sources.

Colorado Farm and Art Market , 3-7pm in the Sculpture Garden at the Fine Arts Center, N. Cascade at Dale Street.
Tomato Tasting: If you love tomatoes, $5 gets you samples of an amazing array of different tomatoes from 5-7pm
For the Kids: Make a Mr. or Mrs. Zucchini-Head creation! Donations of LARGE Zucchini needed!

Thursday, September 22
Green Drinks – 5:30-7:30pm, Blue Sage Catering, 5152 Centennial Blvd.
This event is free and open to the public. Find out ways to get involved with others who promote green products and services and support a community-wide effort to clean our city. Blue Sage will provide a venue and food. Beverages to be determined, but will be available.
Friday, September 23
Equinox BBQ and screening of What’s Organic About Organic, 6-9pm, Care and Share Food Bank, 2605 Peamble Point
Hosted by Care and Share Food Bank and Ranch Foods Direct. This movie takes you through farm fields, government meetings and industry trade shows to learn about the hidden costs of conventional agriculture and the importance of supporting local food producers. 6:00 BBQ. Ranch Foods burgers available for purchase. Bring your own drink and side.
7:00 Movie starts
8:30 Movie debrief

Saturday, September 24
Pikes Peak Urban Gardens Garlic Class – 10-11:30am, Harlan Wolfe Ranch, 907 W. Cheyenne Rd.
For just $15, you will learn how to grow garlic, sample many varieties of garlic, taste garlic ice cream (yes, you read that right!), tour the historic Harlan Wolfe Ranch and PPUG’s teaching gardens, and be able to purchase some of the finest garlic grown in our region for planting in your own yard. Reservations required.

Learn to Make Ricotta Cheese the Easy Way, 1pm, Ranch Foods Direct, 2901 N. El Paso
$15 gets you a reservation and a $10 gift card to spend in the store. Call for reservations: 473 2306.
Sunday, September 25
Hands-on Cheese Making: 8:15-12:30- Learn to milk the goat and then produce ricotta, mozzarella and chevre, and then indulge in a farm-fresh brunch. Located on Colorado Springs West Side, these classes are discounted from $75 to $50 as a special Local Food Week price. Limit of six people per class. Register with Lindsey: (719) 651-9819, more info:
Ranch Foods Direct (2011) Local Foods Week Invite. Retrieved from
Peak to Plains. (2011). Local Food Week. Retrieved from
Local Food brought to Market image taken at WholeFoods on Powers Blvd. Colorado Springs.
Edible Front Range. (2011) Edible Communities Activities. Retrieved from

Local artists are visiting Raven’s Nest Coffee located close to downtown area near Boulder at 330 North Institute St. Suite A at Colorado Springs, CO 80903 on Thursdays to do improvisational music playing. This is great for local artists so that their talent gets exposure to the community and at the same time people get to enjoy the sounds of guitar, flute, Harp, drums etc., among others as they enjoy their organic coffee, iced tea or cold beverages. For musicians interested please visit, e-mail or ask the manager for the sign-up sheet for the dates available depending on the schedules or activities planned. The e-mail is

The atmosphere at the coffee shop is truly cozy and comfortable so as to have great conversations with friends, read a book, enjoy a fine pastry or breakfast and a truly awesome neighborhood gathering place.
On your way downtown or taking time to go out for a special outing to the parks, college campus or on your way to work take some time to visit Raven’s Nest Coffee. For many on their way to work Ravens has early morning business hours starting at 5:00 am. Stop by on a Sunday with the family, sit outside for a cold beverage and or read the paper. Ravens will be there for you when you arrive. It has several sections for you to find your very own unique space.

For more information call Raven’s Nest Coffee at 719-632-3433.

Professionals in Excellence is a business referral network that meets every Thursday at Manhattan’s Pizza Parlor off Hwy 50, Pueblo. Guests are invited to attend to get more information and an application for membership is attached below for those that after visiting may wish to apply. I had a chance to visit a few months ago and enjoyed it immensely. The meeting was cheerful and had a chance to meet great people from different occupations and with a common purpose of growing their business, communities, local economy and network. I was having a conversation about having a local person here in Colorado Springs build me a desk and how hard it was to get a nice size desk with plenty of drawers and suddenly two person’s down on next table a man gave me his card and told me he builds all kinds of furniture and also does special custom-built work projects. It is great to see that the art of furniture and wood working is still very much alive. There is nothing like having something made to suit your working area , special needs and style. Samantha Nau on the right is one of the team leaders and organizers. I had a chance to enjoy a nice Italian Calzone from Manhattan’s that could serve two people so brought half with me to enjoy the next day back in the Springs. Later as time passed the video production project I completed for a roofing company there was accepted for a contest and chance to win $50,000 from Dell computers. Even if the big prize is not awarded it sure was great fun to visit Pueblo and ad with pride the project to my business portfolio. The equiptment would have been used to further meet the needs for more small business projects in our area. The staff and employees at job area were very courteous and like family.
Pueblo Colorado is making a lot of progress and growing nicely yet still has the small town charm and quaint shops are still thriving in between and around the new neighborhoods. Summers are really awesome also when town celebrations take place and family can walk around the parks and enjoy the warm summer breeze. If you would like more information it is summarized below.
The name of business network club: Professionals in Excellence- memberhip fee, $100.00 a year.
Contact: Ms. Samantha Nau, 719-647-2194 Sample application form attached.
Place of meeting: Manhattan’s Pizza Parlor 1110 W US Highway 50, Pueblo, CO 81008 719-545-3400
Time and Dates: Every Thursday from 11:30 to 1:00 pm
Goals: Team lead and referrals assisting via circles of influence. To create business growth, professional development and sound local economy.

Note: I you have a new start-up or business event information you wish to submit for consideration please send request and information to Attn: Publisher

"Logo for Business Colorado Directory"Colorado Small is an online forum and small business organization launched to empower small businesses’  and local communities in order to better compete amidst a global economy. The idea is to bring unique Colorado products, services and business concepts for the world to view, value and purchase.

The reality of an accelerating global economy demands greater efficiency and strategic planning in bringing products and services to market now more than ever before in history. Small business, local shoppers and those employing workers  help grow the middle class in America Leebaert, 2006). If properly allowed to succeed, these forces could continue to do so while participating in the global economy.  Indeed, one cannot exist without the other.  If small business is allowed to deteriorate creating pockets of poverty in once thriving local communities, the general population will be unable to buy the products developed by other medium and large corporate business! 

 For example, I have a neighbor that wishes to purchase  the Google phone powered by Android due to a particular useful application. However, he cannot buy it because  his spouse recently lost her job. Large corporations are producing fantastic gadgets; however many of their stakeholders who could benefit from them have lost stable income.

"balance between small, medium and large business"

Balance between small, medium and large business in America.

Theresa Nielsen,  founder of the small business organization, believes small, medium and large businesses’ can co-exist with one another. That is why she created  an online small business directory to help bring Colorado ideas, products and services to market at A well known business author and educator, Norman Scarborough, pointed out that a harmonious relationship could exist between all forms of business and one that resembles in concept the shape of a hand held weight with small business on one end, middle size in the center and large corporations on the other.  (Scarborough, 2011). Small businesses could become medium sized then large.  Moreover, large corporations often venture into areas of small business. As these businesses come into balance playing their unique roles within the market;  economic harmony is achieved. It is very important to allow small business to thrive and co-exist among the giants, for it is small business that helps keep local communities vital and thriving. 

In summary, “The small business sector’s contributions are many. They make up 99.7 percent of all businesses, employ 51 percent of the private sector workforce, have created two-thirds to three-fourths of the net new jobs in the economy, produce 51 percent of the country’s private gross domestic product (GDP), and account for 47 percent of all business sales.” (Scarborough, 2011). It is the vision of Business Colorado Directory to grow and expand Colorado small business inter-independently with positive returns alongside global markets.

 In conclusion, we hope to serve your needs and hope that you become active members in the business Colorado  and help shape the future for all business in Colorado.

Article by Theresa Nielsen,  founder of Colorado Small


Leebaert. Economic Perspectives (2006). How Small Businesses Contribute to U.S. Economic Expansion.

Scarborough, N. M. (2011). Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management (6th ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall.

Colorado Small assists small business owners, local communities and all their stakeholders to include consumers so as for all to better compete more efficiently yet inter-independently alongside side a growing global market. The project was first initiated March 16th, 2009 while actively participating in formal University entrepreneurial studies and projected to be completed near May 2011 at which time the innovative business Colorado directory will be fully launched.

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